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17 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Should Be Very, Very, Very Ashamed

"Told my boyfriend i was going to start my period and he said, "AGAIN??"'

1. This boyfriend who needs to check himself:

2. This boyfriend who apparently does not understand the human body:

3. This husband who took a selfie while his wife was giving birth:

4. This husband who scared his wife by dressing up like a creep for the nanny cam while she was at work:

5. This husband who ate all the muffin tops...ONLY:

6. This husband who confused the top of the stairs with the kitchen sink or dishwasher, even:

7. This boyfriend who setup a VERY RUDE "trap" for his girlfriend in his sock drawer:

8. This husband who was asked to unpack the toilet paper and instead created this booby trap:

9. This husband who clasped his wife's bra like this:

10. This 6'2" husband who hung a mirror for his 5'1" wife:

11. This boyfriend who was asked to sharpen his girlfriend's lipstick:

12. This husband who technically followed the rules:

13. This boyfriend whose first priority after getting a new label maker was THIS:

14. This boyfriend who literally giggled as he replaced the toilet paper with a lint roller refill:

15. This boyfriend who made the bed...into basically a porn no one asked for:

16. This boyfriend who thinks he's real slick:

17. And finally, this boyfriend who's just on a different wavelength: