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    16 Husbands Who Committed Heinous Crimes Against Housework

    Microwaves are not mini dryers, gentlemen.

    1. This husband who thought it would be a good idea to iron a plastic bag (WHY?!).

    2. This husband who was asked to put leftovers away...but, ya know, NOT in the cabinet?!

    3. This husband who was asked to paint the bathroom walls and ALMOST got away with half-assing it.

    4. This husband who learned the hard way that microwaves are not just small dryers.

    5. This husband who decided to open up a package of hot dogs LIKE THIS?!

    6. This husband who was asked to hang up the bananas and, uh, did this instead?

    7. This husband who was asked to do the dishes, responded with: "💯", but then...

    8. This husband who used the wrong detergent in the dishwasher.

    9. This cheeky husband who was asked to put some spaghetti on the stove to start dinner.

    10. And this husband who was asked to buy six potatoes (not five normal ones and one TEENY TINY one, folks).

    11. This husband who had one job — to put the new handles on the cupboards (and have them facing the right way).

    12. This husband who ALMOST used the chip clip right. Emphasis on almost.

    13. This tall husband who thinks this is a ~funny~ prank for his short partner.

    14. This husband who is REALLY, REALLY pushing his luck...

    15. ...and this one, too.

    16. And finally, this husband who should go directly to Housework Jail (do not pass Go, do not collect!).