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18 “Superbad” Scenes That Are Still Funny 10 Years Later

"Okay. So, we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie..."

1. When Evan made this spot-on Disney reference:

2. When officers Slater and Michaels were terrible at listening...

3. ...like, JUST awful.

4. When Fogell gave this iconic response.

5. When Greg just needed to chill.

6. When Evan was great at returning a compliment.

7. When Seth recounted his childhood talents...

8. ...and anguished over the fact he was not allowed to eat anything shaped like a dick.

9. When Seth and Evan went to town on Fogell's choices...

10. ....several times.

11. When Seth was just being super honest.

12. And when he didn't want to be alone.

13. When Evan turned into an even NICER guy while drunk.

14. When Seth expressed his emotions.

15. When Fogell played dumb.

16. When Seth explained he's truly a giver.

17. When Evan was brutally honest.

18. And finally, when Fogell, er, McLovin' said the most iconic line of the year.

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