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17 Couples Who Were So Obviously Made For Each Other

Warning: You may vomit from the cuteness.

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1. This pun-loving duo:

She's not joking.

2. These torn lovers who'll never let anything keep them apart:

The real question is, who will jump first?

3. This sickly sweet pair:

"I love you BERRY much!"

4. This crazy in love couple:

Lock 'em up for life.


5. These Lady and the Tramp–inspired lovers:

"Oh, this is the night..."

6. This cosplaying couple who are as dedicated to each other as they are their costumes:

Nothing comical about these relationship goals.

7. These smooth operators who just want to get to know each other a little better:

"I was trying to understand your routine..."

8. This clever couple who've got big plans tonight:



9. These level-upping lovers who are done with mind games and into actual games:

For the win.

10. This cutesy couple who are keeping it all in perspective:

Big love can come from the smallest packages.

11. This pretty pair who know how to have a good night in:

Lookin' good.

12. This deadly duo whose relationship is going strong. Very strong:

Get a grip, y'all.


13. This musical match made in heaven who bring a new meaning to intimacy:

What do you suppose "Stairway to Heaven" sounds like with four hands?

14. This couple who turned a kitchen disaster into a romantic gesture:

Takeout again, it is.

15. This bookish batch who want to be minds apart, but physically close:

And apparently don't mind dirty shoes on the bed.

16. These athletic amours who want to get a little dirty (dancing):

"Nobody puts baby in the corner." She belongs on a mountain.

17. And this perfect pair who will make us all green with envy: