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19 Helpful Guides To Simple Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

You better bookmark this, because someday you may need it.

Ever come across a guide, chart, or graph that made you think, "Huh, that's actually good to know!"? Well, here are a bunch of random ones that cover everything from DIY hacks, to food, to even live-saving tips. And, honestly, you should probably bookmark these all just in case. Enjoy!

1. Like this all-encompassing bed size guide:

2. This guide I could've used in school:

3. This interesting tattoo pain guide:

4. This nifty trick to remembering this word problem:

5. This helpful chart you can use at your next family gathering:

6. This guide to get your perfect gallery wall:

7. This life-hack guide to happiness:

8. This important life-saving guide:

9. And this one, too:

10. This interesting animal guide:

11. This knot guide that could be helpful in a pinch:

12. This guide to light temperature:

13. This guide to different types of screw heads:

14. This GTK types of onions guide:

15. This guide to wine sweetness:

16. This simple guide for making your perfect cookie:

17. This guide that'll make your home just a little happier:

18. This guide that's helpful to people in the US:

19. And, OK, maybe I'm biased, but finally this SUPER helpful diagram that should be posted in every airport, train station, bus get the idea.

H/T r/coolguides