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19 Helpful Guides To Simple Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

You better bookmark this, because someday you may need it.

Ever come across a guide, chart, or graph that made you think, "Huh, that's actually good to know!"? Well, here are a bunch of random ones that cover everything from DIY hacks, to food, to even live-saving tips. And, honestly, you should probably bookmark these all just in case. Enjoy!

1. Like this all-encompassing bed size guide:

A guide to mattress dimensions and bed sizes from coolguides

2. This guide I could've used in school:

Different Ocean/Sea stuff explained. from coolguides

3. This interesting tattoo pain guide:

Tattoo Pain Chart from coolguides

4. This nifty trick to remembering this word problem:

Their, there, they're from coolguides

5. This helpful chart you can use at your next family gathering:

The Cousin Explainer from coolguides

6. This guide to get your perfect gallery wall:

Gallery wall ideas from coolguides

7. This life-hack guide to happiness:

Activities that make your brain release happy chemicals from coolguides

8. This important life-saving guide:

I’ll never remember this mid-heart attack but this is good to know from coolguides

9. And this one, too:

For all you dog lovers out there from coolguides

10. This interesting animal guide:

The difference in vision between predator and prey from coolguides

11. This knot guide that could be helpful in a pinch:

How to tie the strongest knot there is in four steps. from coolguides

12. This guide to light temperature:

different shades of light from coolguides

13. This guide to different types of screw heads:

Types of screwdrivers from coolguides

14. This GTK types of onions guide:

Onion use guide from coolguides

15. This guide to wine sweetness:

The only wine chart you'll ever need from coolguides

16. This simple guide for making your perfect cookie:

Guide to Ratio Rules in Chocolate Chip Cookies from coolguides

17. This guide that'll make your home just a little happier:

Plants that keep bugs away from coolguides

18. This guide that's helpful to people in the US:

Price and service comparison of the biggest shipping orgs in the US. from coolguides

19. And, OK, maybe I'm biased, but finally this SUPER helpful diagram that should be posted in every airport, train station, bus get the idea.

Which waters to avoid by region from coolguides

H/T r/coolguides

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