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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Jan 31, 2016

    17 Images That Will Only Make Sense To People Obsessed With High Heels

    High. Bye.

    1. When you finally find the perfect six inch d'orsay heels, even though they'll cost you your first born:


    :: slowly reaches for wallet ::

    2. But then, OF COURSE, when they don't have your size anyway:

    20th Century Fox

    "And here I was about to give you all my money."

    3. Whenever someone sarcastically asks, "how do you even walk in those?!"

    NBC / Via

    "One foot in front of the other. Do you need a lesson?"

    4. When you wear your highest high heels because you unapologetically love having a few more inches of leg:

    Streamline / Kon Live / Cherrytree / Interscope

    Casual night out.

    5. When you wear brand new peep-toe platforms for the first time...then scuff them the second you walk out the door:


    Like a magnet for sharp things.

    6. When you reach the point where you think, "Honestly? The higher, the better":

    Instagram: @jamilas

    You've got high standards!

    7. When you find a pair of heels that feel as good as they look:

    CBS / Via

    Running in heels? A walk in the park (pun intended).

    8. When you're out shopping for black mules and your boyfriend asks, "Don't you have some just like those?!"



    9. When someone suggests you wear a kitten heel instead:

    Streamline / Kon Live / Cherrytree / Interscope

    Thanks, tho.

    10. When you're determined to wear your bright pumps even if it's raining:

    Instagram: @anaviv


    11. When you risk wearing no-grip heels in winter:

    Discovery / Via

    "At least my feet still look great." ☺️

    12. When people smugly try to tell you about how warped your feet will get from wearing high heels:


    My body, my risks. 👋

    13. When the temptation is too strong:


    "Can... not... resist."

    14. When you get a favorite pair of slingbacks reheeled, but they come back feeling wrong... ALL WRONG:


    It's like there's been a death in the family.

    15. When people don't understand why it actually kinda hurts when you wear flats:

    20th Century Fox

    "My feet aren't used to flexing that way!"

    16. When you're faced with throwing out an old pair of ankle strap platforms:

    TriStar Pictures

    It's like losing a part of your life.

    17. And finally, when anyone judges you for loving high heels:

    Warner Brothers