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    33 Sexually Charged Reactions To Harwin Strong On "House Of The Dragon" That Will Make You Laugh

    "You know House of the Dragon’s screenwriting was effectively done when you have a huge crush on Ser Harwin Strong who has less than 2 mins of screen time."

    If you were one of the millions who tuned in for House of the Dragon Episode 5, "We Light the Way," then I probably don't need to explain to you how truly wild it was.

    For those of you who either haven't caught up (highly recommend you do) or blacked out after all the D-R-A-M-A, here's a little refresher...

    Note: Before we get going here, there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven't caught up with Episode 5 yet...get on that...STAT!

    So, this week's HoTD was a big one. Viserys and Rhaenyra traveled to Castle Driftmark, where a mostly agreeable union of Rhaenyra and Lord Corlys Velaryon's son Laenor (who, by the by, is also Rhaenyra's cousin) was made.

    Viserys smiling

    As Viserys and Corlys worked out the details of their children's wedding arrangement, Rhaenyra and Laenor were busy making an agreement of their own — to be cool with each other hooking up with their respective paramours.

    Laenor and Rhaenyra walking and chatting on the beach, the castle in the distance

    Back at King's Landing, the scene was then set for Rhaenyra and Laenor's grand wedding.

    The Great Hall filled with guests, Rhaenyra and Viserys sitting at the head table greeting the Velaryons.

    But, given the Game of Thrones-verse's history with weddings, obviously, this was never going to go down well.

    A wedding in Westeros is never a good sign #HouseOfTheDragon


    Aside from the usual Targaryen family drama, Laenor's lover, Joffrey Lonmouth, figured out that Rhaenyra's side piece was Ser Criston Cole.

    Joffrey speaking to Laenor

    So in an attempt to blackmail/threaten Ser Criston Cole (to what end, I don't know), Joffrey basically told Criston that he knew about him and Rhaenyra. He then said they should kinda, like, watch out for each other.

    Joffrey telling Ser Criston "we are both deeply invested in this union"

    Criston Cole did NOT like this.

    Criston looking pissed off

    And it didn't take long before he snapped, brutalized the heck out of Joffrey, and ultimately killed him. Suffice to say, this caused a ton of chaos in the Great Hall.

    The crowd going wild in the great hall

    Rhaenyra, caught in the middle of the madness, found herself also in danger.

    Rhaenyra stuck in the crowd

    While Rhaenyra's father, Viserys, literally stood there and did nothing, his Hand, Lord Lyonel Strong, quickly called his own son, Ser Harwin Strong, into action. (BTW, Ser Harwin's nickname is "Breakbones," if that tells you anything about him.)

    Harwin looking at his father Lyonel

    And like the hero he is, Harwin swooped into the crowd, tossed Rhaenyra over his shoulder, and saved her.

    Ser Harwin carrying Rhaenyra to safety

    Although it was a brief moment, fans REALLY fixated on Ser Harwin's moves and had some highly visceral reactions:


    Ser Harwin bodying everyone, picking up Rhaenyra, and taking her to safety #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @TheLordofMelons


    Harwin Strong is about to roll up to Rhaenyra like "So I heard the position to be the queen's whore is open?"

    Twitter: @rafinha_giranux / Via HBO


    Blame @TouretteOfTarth and @ashanotyara for this. Harwin Strong Bodyguard remix. 🔊(Sound Up)🔊

    Twitter: @Obienator


    Me when Harwin Strong finally sweeps in to save Rhaenyra. #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseOftheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @AshleyG84288214 / Via Bravo


    You know House of the Dragon’s screen writting was effectively done when you have huge crush on Ser Harwin Strong who has less than 2 mins of screen time #harwinstrong #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @milladarciii / Via HBO


    me when i see Harwin Strong unabashedly rush into a sea of fighting people & beat the shit out of anyone who crosses his path, only to find the woman he quietly adores and carry her to safety #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @daemonsgirl / Via HBO


    harwin strong threw rhaenyra over his shoulder & got her outta there like it was nothing,,,, me next 🤭🤭 #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @LlVKATECOOKE


    This is how I sleep knowing my man Harwin Strong is neither a murderer nor a traitor #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @kaffeearchives / Via Disney


    Twitter: @pascalitos08 / Via HBO


    harwin strong at the end of this episode

    Twitter: @vasilisonka / Via Netflix


    We ain't talking about Harwin Strong enough. He's holding shit down, no drama, sexy and his nickname is Breakbones #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @DarraSilver / Via Nickelodeon


    Twitter: @AgneseBaf / Via HBO


    Me whenever Harwin gets his 10 seconds of screen time #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @SerHarwinStrong


    ser harwin strong is ridiculously sexy i need him to throw me over his shoulder…. DESPERATELY #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @daemonsgirl / Via VH1


    Harwin Strong: *exists* Me: #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @iiveyth / Via HBO


    he served, he ate, he slayed. #harwinstrong #hotd #houseofthedragon #houseofthedragonhbo

    Twitter: @thehopefiles17 / Via HBO


    Okay Daemon, but Sir Harwin Strong deserves the heaven too!!!! 🤌🤌🤌 #HouseOfTheDragon



    Now that’s a real man right there #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @HOTDsource / Via HBO


    Ser Harwin Strong is the type of men who solve all of your problems, don’t ask stupid questions, take care of you, stay loyal and eat your pussy. That’s why everyone wants this man. So do I.

    Twitter: @roonevskaya / Via HBO


    Watching Harwin Strong go through that crowd so easily #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @lolosfaves


    Harwin Strong, a real man, a great father, loyal, smart, protective and respectful of his Queen Rhaenyra. 💖 Imagine the show wasting such a potential. smh #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @BlackPearlFay / Via Republic / HBO


    Everyone trying to defend or explain Criston “Hate Crime” Cole’s actions when Harwin “Here to Have Fun” Strong is right there.

    Twitter: @ser_travis / Via HBO


    When Harwin Strong turned to get Rhaenyra I felt that in my ovaries #HouseOfTheDragon #HOD

    Twitter: @Paradisepins / Via HBO


    When Ser Harwin Strong bodied every mf in his way and swung Rhaenyra over his shoulder to secure her safety omg what fucking sexy man he is #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @teasukee / Via Nickelodeon


    i scream cry and wail at the sight of harwin strong everytime he gets his 5 seconds of screentime

    Twitter: @pascalitos08 / Via CBS / HBO


    Sir Harwin Strong... points have been made. #DemDragons #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @lasolodrista / Via FX


    Harwin was looking very daddy-ish this episode #harwinstrong #RhaenyraTargaryen #HotD #HouseOfTheDragonHBO

    Twitter: @archangelowl / Via HBO


    Me jumping right from shipping Rhaenyra with Ser Criston to Harwin Strong #hotd #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseOftheDragon

    Twitter: @mementomoray


    the feminism leaving my body when i saw harwin strong beat the shit outta anyone who crossed his path just to get rhaenyra to safety #Houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @localtoxicbitch / Via Panther Media/Alamy


    ser harwin strong is a man who solves problems not causes problems

    Twitter: @shellyshelbyy


    Harwin fighting off everyone to fireman carry Rhaneyra out of the great hall at one nod from Lyonel Strong, pretty incredible #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @TheJoeMagician


    nothing but love for ser harwin strong #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @aciddhoran / Via HBO / Disney


    The unsung hero of #HouseOfTheDragon is Ser Harwin. Just holds it down every episode.

    Twitter: @LeAmateurAuteur / Via HBO

    What about you? Are YOU a Harwin Strong stan, or are you still holding out for Criston Cole or Daemon Targaryen? (OR SOMEONE ELSE?!) Tell us in the comments below!