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17 Halloween Fails That Are Borderline Impressive


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1. This sweet way of pulling out a loose tooth.

"It's OK, Mom, I took care of it!"

2. This costume malfunction that managed to weave in and out of the grates.

How is that even possible?

3. This guy's costume that you shouldn't be able to recognize, but totally do.

To duct tape infinity and beyond!

4. This jack-o'-lantern with a clear message.

Letters aren't that easy to carve, TBH.

5. This costume dye job that created a lovely ombré hand.


6. This DIY decor paint job that turned out an impressive nail design.

"Just say it's part of your costume."

7. This baby who's actually very pleased with his one-sleeved Freddy Krueger sweater.

Cute nightmare.

8. This "creative" way to refill the candy bowl when you're running low.

Would totally take a beer over an Almond Joy.

9. This bowl of candy that literally no one wanted.

Guys, it's FREE CANDY. WTF?!

10. This misspelled sign that went unnoticed by (almost) the entire neighborhood:

I mean, that street is pretty fashionable.

11. This dog who inadvertently looks like he's being eaten alive.

You should see what she did to Kermit.

12. Whoever had the balls to give out EL POLLO LOCO MINTS.


13. This fallen bit of Halloween decor that managed to stay off the ground.

"I thought this would be a better spot then I came home to find this!"

14. The genius behind these "zebra stripe" suspenders...

15. ...and his pal who thinks spiders have bones.


16. This beautifully monochromatic box of dots.

"I feel cheated."

17. And this deflated jack-o'-lantern who looks the way we all feel on November 1.

Over. It.

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