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Seth Rogen's Mom Couldn't Find Her Son, So She Used Twitter To Call Him Out

Don't worry, this story has a happy ending.

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Moms. They are nothing if not worried about their kids all the time, right?


Well, most of 'em anyway.

And, as it turns out, celeb moms are no different than yours or mine. Take, for instance, Seth Rogen's adorable mom Sandy.

Being the innovative, modern parent that she is, when Sandy didn't hear from her beard-clad son in a while, she took to — what else — Twitter to call him out:

And fans immediately responded with some relatable AF thoughts:

Heck, even Twitter weighed in on the drama:

But DON'T WORRY you guys, because Seth eventually (almost a DAY later) responded...

...and told her WHERE he was.

Case closed.


Until the next time he doesn't return her call, anyway.

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