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    41 Gross Things Most Girls Have Done That Are Also Totally Normal

    Because things that are gross and things that are normal are not mutually exclusive!

    1. Worn the same bra for several days or even weeks in a row.

    2. And worn the same pajamas for several days or longer.

    3. Smelled clothes you’ve already worn to see if they’re “too” stinky to wear or not.

    4. Dug “dirty” clothes or a bra out of a hamper because you really wanted to wear them.

    5. Not washed your hair for a few days in a row.

    6. Scratched your head and inspected the skin under your nails afterwards...

    7. ...and then smelled it.

    8. Used hairspray or dry shampoo to cover up the “smell” of unwashed hair.

    9. Eaten food out of your bra that fell in there by accident.

    10. Scraped your teeth with your fingernails just out of curiosity…

    11. ...and inspected the plaque under your nails.

    12. Scraped dirt out from your nails, particularly when they’re LONG.

    13. Scraped dirt out from under your toenail, particularly the big one.

    14. Picked at chipping nail polish.

    15. Picked the dead skin off of your lips.

    16. Gotten deep satisfaction out of squeezing oil and dirt out of your pores.

    17. Squeezed the gunk out of your pores so hard that you left red marks on your skin.

    18. Inspected pore strips for a VERY long time, admiring all the oil and dirt you got out. (Because it looked like a lil' forest!)

    19. Left makeup on overnight because you couldn’t be bothered to wash it off before bed.

    20. Worn underwear that has a hole (or two or three) it it.

    21. Worn underwear that has old stains on it...particularly period ones.

    22. Kept underwear until it’s so worn out that the elastic is totally loose and frayed.

    23. Waited to do laundry until you ran out of underwear.

    24. Picked a particularly deep wedgie out of your butt.

    25. Dug out a sliver of thong material from your butt crack because it was so dang uncomfortable.

    26. Peed in the shower for convenience.

    27. Not showered for one, two, or more days.

    28. Actually looked forward to plucking in-grown pubic hairs.

    29. Plucked pubic hairs that weren’t even in-grown because you just wanted to.

    30. Admired a DOUBLE hair growing out of ONE follicle on your armpit (or anywhere else).

    31. Dug out armpit hairs you couldn’t get by shaving alone with the same tweezers you use to pluck your brows with.

    32. Used a Q-tip to scrape the inside of your ear, then inspected the wax that came out.

    33. Smelled your own farts…even the really bad ones.

    34. Washed just your crotch instead of taking a full shower.

    35. Or used a damp towel to get just your armpits instead of a shower.

    36. Smelled your own breath...especially when your mouth tasted like garbage.

    37. Smelled your armpits after sweating for a while.

    38. Put on deodorant or perfume instead of showering.

    39. Left your hair on the bathroom floor for a very long time.

    40. Dug out all the hair from your hairbrush with an old bobby pin.

    41. And finally, stroked your leg hair during a particularly prickly phase because it felt soothing.