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18 Things Thirtysomethings Won't Miss About Their Twenties

Raising both hands in celebration.

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1. Opening your refrigerator to a limited dinner selection.

What's for dinner? Hmm, booze or... booze.

2. Realizing all your furniture you either had to build yourself…

3. ...or reluctantly inherited.

4. Having this for more meals than you'd care to admit.

Alright, liquid sodium in a bowl. Again.

5. Waiting in line for things you knew deep-down was not worth the wait.

6. Obsessively scheduling your weekends around apartment hunting.

And quickly learning that "charming" means "small".

7. Having friends over to break-in your new ~grown-up~ place.

These granite countertops make cleaning up beer spills a cinch.


8. Solely communicating with your roommates through passive aggressive notes.

9. Actually believing that your roommates might one day clean up after themselves.

10. Spending countless hours trying to land your first job interview.

11. Shopping for appropriate, good-looking interview outfits on a Forever 21 budget.

12. Attempting to make your resume look more accomplished than it really was.

Which font size takes up the most space?


13. Budgeting for a wedding season that felt like it had no end.

14. Shopping at stores that looked more like ransacked garage sales.

"Low overhead my boy! We pass the savings onto you!"

15. Facing sticker shock the moment you went off your parents' insurance.

What do you mean this doesn't come in generic?

16. Seeing one of these at every dinner party you went to.

17. Elbowing your way to the front of the hottest new bar in town.

Which your friends forced you to go to.


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