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These 19 Jokes Are Only For People Whose Asses Feel Old AF


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1. The exact moment you realized you were old:

2. How you view Disney movies now:

3. This cold, hard truth:

4. The only party decor you'll ever want again:

5. This very good question we have all had:

6. How true this really is:

7. When youths age you in an instant:

8. How you actually do chores:

9. On the rare occasion you decide to get a little ~wild~:

10. When you realize your memory is not as good as it used to be:

11. This weird (but true?!) thought:

12. When you're just trying to commiserate with others, but it totally backfires:

13. This upsetting realization:

14. When it feels like everyone around you is just younger and cooler:

15. What happens every time you get carded:

When you're buying a bottle of wine & you know the cashier is asking for proof of age just to be nice but so what?!

16. When you have second thoughts:

17. Your honest feelings about friends having babies:

18. When you look back on your life:

19. And finally, when you realize you've maybe always been old?

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