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    17 People Who Are So Much Smarter Than Me, It's Actually Embarrassing

    *Stands up and slow claps*

    1. The genius who came up with this simple, but handy, idea:

    2. The smarty who created this inclusive Rubik's Cube:

    3. The thinker who came up with this:

    4. The person who developed this useful feature:

    5. The earth-loving person who came up with this idea and deserves a raise:

    6. The genius who created this design feature that I'm sure residents appreciate:

    7. The smarty who did this simple hack:

    8. The person who came up with this energy-saving idea:

    9. The car designer who had the foresight to add this feature:

    10. The helpful puzzle maker who included this:

    11. The cat lover who built this lovely thing:

    12. And the dog lover who designed this clever deck:

    13. The video game–loving designer who just wanted to put a smile on our faces:

    14. The person who spearheaded this awesome idea:

    15. The designer who created this lovely handrail:

    Twitter: @blauer_geist

    16. The person who wanted to help take one thing off your mind:

    17. And finally, the genius designer who created this logo:

    H/T r/DesignPorn, r/interestingasfuck, and r/mildlyinteresting