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    10 Life Hacks That Made Me Shout, "Yes!" And 10 That Made Me Scream, "No!"

    This is 50% great and 50% awful.

    1. This level hack will make sure you never drill a screw in crooked again:

    But this drill hack is sure to make a big ol' mess (and maybe worse):

    2. This hack for carrying coffee cups will save you in a pinch:

    But this cup-holding hack is sure to end in disaster:

    3. This hack to make replacing garbage bags easier is honestly smart:

    But this hack for making a "larger" garbage bin is stupid:

    4. This toothbrush hack is so simple, but SO handy:

    But this toothpaste hack is 100% pointless:

    5. This hack for fixing a hoodie is helpful for anyone who's ever owned a hoodie:

    But this hoodie hack is helpful for literally no one:

    6. This hack using garbage bags is very useful when moving:

    But this hack using a plastic bag as a "backpack" is completely useless:

    7. This hack to remove tape from paper without damaging it is a huge game changer:

    But this hack using tape to "paint' your car is a huge no-go:

    8. This easy hack for making ramen when there's no hot water around is simply genius:

    But this spoon-to-fork hack for eating ramen is simply sad:

    9. This easy hack for keeping a punch bowl spoon from slipping into the bowl is so handy:

    But this hack to fixing a faucet lever with a spoon is not-so-handy:

    10. And finally, this hack for organizing cleaning products makes me happy:

    While this hack for organizing bathroom products truly makes me upset:

    H/T r/lifehacks and r/DiWHY