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16 People Who Were Smart Enough To Make The Rest Of Us Say, "Oh Wow"

Wow, wish I had thought of that.

1. The smarty who designed this wok to have circles for measuring oil.

emilyr3183 / Via

2. The person who invented this Tetra Pak that has little "windows" that show how much milk is left in the container.

kumanosuke / Via

3. The person who invented these traffic lights that make things A LOT clearer (because you KNOW some people need it).

4. And the person who made these ones that have an actual countdown.

u/casual_causality / Via

5. The person who had the idea to sort this furniture hardware by step rather than type.

Doctor_Nutsack / Via

6. The person who invented this very clever and very cute mini hot sauce tray on this pizza.

Theowlhoothoot / Via

7. And the person who designed this pizza box that has a perforated lid that turns into pizza plates.

u/lasher576 / Via

8. The person who invented office chairs with rollerblade wheels so they can roll around quietly.

wideout3485 / Via

9. The person who designed this flat plug to go AROUND other plugs.

Tweedie2014- / Via

10. The person who created these recycling containers that CLEARLY show what goes where.

u/woodenarch99 / Via

11. The genius who made these FROZEN COFFEE CUBES for iced coffee.

u/foreveradan / Via

12. The person that created these curtain rods that make sure you don't get that weird gap in the middle.

u/taharoto / Via

13. The designer who made this clever sliding "open" sign that makes good use of the "N."

mediumbugger / Via

14. The designer who made this Wi-Fi symbol that represents the parts of a burger, too.

u/8PieceTendies / Via

15. The person who created this cool raincoat that reveals a flower pattern when it gets wet.

u/trashyfictions / Via

16. And finally, the clever person who designed the iPhone's voice memo icon, which is the waveform of the word "apple."

If you record yourself saying "Apple", the waveform is the Voice Memos icon.

H/T r/mildlyinteresting