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17 Gendered Products That Are Both Stupid And Offensive

"Finally, a Bible just for girls!" —said no one ever.

H/T r/pointlesslygendered

1. These leggings that are called "meggings."

LEGS are for girls Men have MEGS

Twitter: @kaichoyce

2. This "ladies tool kit."

3. And this tool set for "ladies or low testosterone males."

4. These "hungry man," "hungry woman," and "hungry waffle (???)" meals.

Twitter: @poutinesmoothie

5. These "men's" and "women's" face masks.

6. These children's shirts that say, "lock up your daughters" and "does this diaper make my butt look big?"

7. These restroom doors that say "do epic shit" for "gents" and "smile you're losing weight" for "ladies."

8. These "womens caveman feet / cavewoman club" and "mens cavemen feet /caveman club" costumes accessories.

9. This "for her" tube of hand lotion.

10. And this "for men" tube of toothpaste.

LADIES do NOT buy this! This is for MEN. The peppermint is TOO powerful for our fragile feminine teeth & lady mouths


11. This "for women" box of laxatives.

12. These "queen" and "king" crowns that are actually just the same thing.

13. These "boys" and "little princess" Bibles.

14. This measurement chart.

15. These novelty pajamas "for men" and "for women."

16. This 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do book and one that just Strong People Don't Do book.

17. And finally, these freakin' trash cans.

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