24 Questions I Have After Watching The "Game Of Thrones" Finale That I Wish I Could Get The Answers To

    Where did Arya's white horse go?

    1. Is...is that muscle tissue and/or bone we're seeing exposed from this guy's way-worse-than-3rd-degree-burns?!

    2. How did Tyrion light this torch?

    3. How did Jaime and Cersei's heads NOT get totally smashed by the massive stones that fell on them?!

    4. Where did Arya's white horse go?

    5. What poor soul had to cut down this ship sail and drag it allll the way up here on top of the ruins of King's Landing?

    6. Where did all these Unsullied soldiers come from — weren't there only a few dozen left after the Battle of Winterfell?!

    7. Who is braiding Dany's fabulous hair now that Missandei is gone?

    8. How the heck is there still THIS MUCH ash flying around...there are so few fires left?!

    9. Why did Drogon melt/destroy the Iron Throne — was it incidental or are you telling me dragons are good with metaphors?

    10. Also, what are these dark spots on Drogon's tongue?

    11. Where is Drogon taking Daenerys's body?

    12. Did Jon actually tell everyone, in detail, HOW he killed Daenerys?

    13. Why is Grey Worm still wearing his dragon brooch?

    14. Who the heck is this guy?

    15. How does Sansa definitively know Bran can't have kids?

    16. Why does Sansa want the North to be independent?

    17. What is even the point of the Night's Watch anymore?

    18. OK, but certainly Bran knows what's west of Westeros?

    19. Was anyone else concerned Brienne was turning pages before the ink dried?!

    20. Why did Bronn suddenly cut off Sam as he was saying where Drogon was last spotted?

    21. Why does Bran want to find Drogon, anyway?

    22. What is the end of Tyrion's infamous jackass and honeycomb joke?!

    23. Where did Arya get this cool ship — is it a repurposed Ironborn ship (with a new direwolf figurehead at the bow)?

    24. And finally, where is Jon going?

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