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    21 Questions "Game Of Thrones" Needs To Answer About Season 8, Episode 4

    Did anyone else notice Pod in the background negotiating a three-way?!

    1. What is Daenerys whispering to Jorah here?

    2. Whose job was it to build all these funeral pyres — aren't there only a few dozen people left at Winterfell?

    3. Also, how did they build them so quickly? It seems like it's only been 24 hours TOPS since the battle...

    4. What do they do with all the ash and mess when the mass funeral is done — just...leave it there?

    5. I guess all the Winterfell cooks survived?

    6. I love Gendry, but like...does he even know how to run/manage a castle and territory of the Seven Kingdoms?!

    7. BTW, why did Gendry say he used to be Gendry "Rivers" — he was not born in the Riverlands, nor did he grow up there?

    8. Did Bran, like, draw out a blueprint of the wheelchair Daeron Targaryen built for his nephew?

    9. Did anyone else notice Pod in the background here negotiating a three-way?!

    10. How many babies do we suspect were made tonight?

    11. Do we think Brienne is pregnant now?

    12. Why are there no tracks from Bran's wheelchair out in the snow?

    13. How did Bronn find Jaime and Tyrion so easily?

    14. Also, who's even running this tavern?!

    15. Can dragons even fly with holes in their wings?

    16. Why the FUCK wouldn't Jon physically go over to Ghost and say goodbye?!

    17. How the heck did Dany not spot Euron (before he killed Rhaegal) and his fleet while she was flying way up high?

    18. How did they know Euron took Missandei?

    19. Why does Jaime suddenly want to go to Cersei's aid again?

    20. How long were Dany and co. standing outside King's Landing before Cersei showed up?

    21. And finally, why didn't Cersei just end it right there and kill Dany, Drogon, and everyone else?

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