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    All The Funniest "Game Of Thrones" Memes From Season 8, Episode 5 That Will Make You Laugh And Shake Your Head

    "Sansa to Jon in the final episode: YILL ILWIYS BIH MIY QUINN!"

    1. This one that has us worried:

    2. This one you KNOW would've been true:

    3. This one about Sansa being right:

    5. This one that sums up a lot of fans' feelings:

    6. This perfect Mean Girls mashup:

    7. This double meme about Thanos's snap and THAT cup:

    8. This one that leaves an honest review:

    9. This silly one about Cersei's last hand:

    10. This one that takes a cue from The Dark Knight Rises:

    11. This one that is very true:

    12. And this one too:

    *Jon realising he has to kill Dany and is going to receive ANOTHER dumb ass title* #GameofThrones

    13. This very good "spoilers with no context" one:

    14. This *record scratch* *freeze frame* one:

    15. This one about the Master of Whisperers:

    16. This one that reveals the ~truth~:

    17. This classic The Office one with an update:

    18. This one about Dany's very unfortunate surprise:

    19. And finally, this one about better times:

    H/T: r/freefolk, @asoiafmemes, @EverythingGameOfThrones

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