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    Updated on May 30, 2019. Posted on May 28, 2019

    23 Funny, Emotional, And Great "Game Of Thrones" Tweets About "The Last Watch" Documentary

    "TFW Maisie Williams practices killing the Night King in the same plastic rain bonnets your 95-year-old grandma uses."

    1. This moment when we all cried along with Kit:

    Kit Harington’s reaction to learning Jon kills Daenerys #TheLastWatch

    2. And this one about how people felt MORE emotional over the read-through than the show:

    Not gonna lie this is far more emotional than the actual scene itself. #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch

    3. This one shouting out Rory McCann's shoutout:

    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE HOUND/RORYS REACTION 😂 like his daughter just scored at her first football match 😂 #TheLastWatch

    4. This one about some behind-the-scenes makeup witchery:

    Me, trying to find the glue they use to melt Daenerys lace. 😭😭 #TheLastWatch

    5. This one pointing out how Kit was maybe a LITTLE jealous:

    Kit Harington finding out Arya kills the NK and not Jon Snow. #TheLastWatch

    6. This one making a lil' joke about that lil' dog:

    Ghost before he done hair and makeup #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch

    7. This one appreciating everyone's new favorite extra:

    I don’t think there is a more pure human being than Andy McClay. I’m so glad we got to meet him and witness a part of his story tonight. #TheLastWatch #GameOfThrones

    8. And this one about the REAL Lord Snow:

    Literally the most passionate I've ever seen anyone be about snow. What a legend. #TheLastWatch #GameofThrones

    9. This one about getting the ~feels~ over the Night King:


    10. This one about Maisie's rehearsal look:

    tfw Maisie Williams practices killing the Night King in the same plastic rain bonnets ur 95 yo grandma used to keep stashed in every coat to protect her weekly perm #TheLastWatch

    11. This one about Sophie's emotional reaction:

    The fact that Sophie couldn't stop crying after filming Sansa's last goodbye to Theon breaks my heart in every single possible way #TheLastWatch

    12. This one capturing the moment Conleth Hill broke our hearts:

    I love how Conleth Hill tossed his script after his last line so he didn't even have to read along with Varys' death scene. And totally teared up at Lena Headey and Gwendoline Christie comforting him. #TheLastWatch

    13. And this one summing up his reaction in meme form:

    conleth hill after he tossed his script after his last line: #TheLastWatch

    14. This appreciation of the magic that happens behind the camera:

    I am living for this documentary because there is just SO much that goes into filming and these people are FINALLY getting the credit they rightly deserve #TheLastWatch

    15. And this one, too:

    Mad respect to all the cast and crew that made Game of Thrones something incredible. The Last Watch documentary shows the amount of effort that went into it - mighty impressive stuff. BRAVO! And thank you. #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch

    16. This one about the now iconic cup and bottle:

    @MalissaTormey Check out who was also there learning about their roles in the final season of #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch 😂😂😂

    17. This one that's basically a big ol' #TBT:

    The season 1 table read: look at these babies!!!! Miss them so much. #TheLastWatch

    18. And this one pointing out a ~change~:

    they went from looking like struggling art students to looking like slightly older struggling art students #TheLastWatch

    19. This one that appreciates fire and ice:

    seeing emilia and kit’s pure emotions on their last days of filming breaks my heart. thank you to these two people for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. im forever grateful to them. #TheLastWatch

    20. This heartfelt director-to-director shoutout:

    Love watching director David Nutter on #TheLastWatch special. He had a wicked pilot directing streak years back. Every pilot he did went to series 15 times in a row. Crazy. Besides #GOT, he’s directed X-Files, Sopranos, Entourage, West Wing, I mean. A legend. Congrats to him. 🙌🏾

    21. This one about the wild fandom:

    GoT fandom : season 8 is garbage GoT fandom watching #THELASTWATCH :

    22. This one that's the honest truth about being a fan:

    Reminder that fans are able to feel immensely disappointed by the lazy writing that was evident this season and also have the utmost respect for the hardworking cast/crew. One doesn’t eliminate the other. So much respect for the whole team who put their all into it #TheLastWatch

    23. And finally, this one that sums it all up.

    Me after #GameofThrones #TheLastWatch realizing there is no more show. Ever.

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