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44 Thoughts I Had At The "Game Of Thrones" Concert Including "MARGAERY DESERVED BETTER!!!"

"Wait. Ramin Djawadi is kind of a babe?!"

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Hey Game of Thrones fans, just in case you didn't know, there's a Live Concert Experience on tour right now! And it features Thrones' very own Emmy-award winning composer Ramin Djawadi, a lot of fire, and looots of emotions.

ramindjawadi_official / Via

Because I can't help myself when it comes to all and anythingThrones-related, I went and checked it out — and here's what went through my head during the whole magical experience...

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

1. Welp, I’m already in love with the stage and the show hasn’t even started.

2. Someone in the audience came dressed in full King-in-the-North Jon Snow attire! (TBH, surprised I’m not seeing more of this.)

3. Is that Cersei "I choose violence" Lannister's voice I hear over the speaker? Oh, it definitely is.

4. "Those who violate these rules will be boiled alive in the blood of their children.” LOL, classic Cersei.

5. I legitimately want these animated backdrops for my own personal use — look how beautiful King's Landing is on that massive screen!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

6. Ooh, lady singing the Game of Thrones theme... Except, the theme has no lyrics so she's basically doing what we all do (*dun-dun, dun-dun-dun, dun-dun*), but 100x better and prettier.

7. Ramin Djawadi just told the audience to cheer when they see their fav character. This is going to get VERY loud.

8. WOW there’s a lot of love for Tyrion from this audience. (Yay!)

9. Oh, hello, lady playing a violin, flying up into the air like NBD.

10. This is some Cirque du Soleil-level shit right here!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

11. Oh, I GET IT, she’s supposed to be the Winterfell tree! (A Weirwood tree, for the record.)

12. There is a man playing a very large, very cool didgeridoo...and it is VERY impressive!

13. ARYA! My queeeen.

14. UGH, the Needle theme is a huge, sob-inducing walk down memory lane.

15. Look at baby Arya and baby Jon Snow!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

16. Okay, I know this is a random detail, but I love that the numbers in this intermission countdown are also written out in Valyrian.

17. 🚨 Ramin Djawadi is rockin’ out on an electric guitar 🚨

18. He’s REALLY livin’ that rockstar life on stage!

19. I love that every time Ramsay’s face comes on screen it’s just BOOs all-around.

20. I think the only person who got more BOOs was Joffrey. (Appropriate, tbh.)

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

21. LOL, hearing everyone scream, "ZIG-ZAG RICKON!" I, just...I feel very seen.

22. Here it comes, y'all, Jon Snow's "Battle of the Bastards" hero shot — whipping out that, ahem, sword.

23. The “Light of the Seven” music is so perfect — also, this really reminds me of Westworld now? (Or, vice versa, really).

24. IDK what this magnificent keyboard/organ setup Ramin Djawadi has going on here is, but it is cool AF.

25. And now the stage he's on is RISING — Ramin is a keyboarding god!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

26. Casual reminder: MARGAERY DESERVED BETTER!

27. I love this thematic/character-driven approach to the show.

28. I am never ready to see “The Door” and this music KILLS. ME. EVERY. TIME.

29. HODOR!!!

30. There were a lot of people talking in the audience through most of this show, but this scene shut EVERYONE up.


31. Finally, some Season 7 footage!

32. Lol, this is like a nice recap of everything we just watched...which apparently I’ve already forgotten a lot of?!

33. Although, I will never forget the Night King’s epic Olympic-level spear throw.


35. There’s quite a bit of fire happening on stage.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

36. I’m a little worried about the performers?

37. Should I be worried about the stage catching on fire?

38. We’re good, we’re good (chill out, Crystal).

39. Ah, Jon and Daenerys’s love-making music or, as I like to call it, the “Incest is best!” theme. (JK, I hate that scene, I do not ship Jon and Dany.)

40. Wait. Ramin Djawadi is kind of a babe?!

41. Encore tiiiiiiime.

42. LOL, and here's the part of the show where EVERYONE sings along and does their best dun-duns!

43. Look! An in memoriam — which is both sad AND funny.

44. SIGH, now I just want to rewatch THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

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