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    You Can Actually Buy This "Game Of Thrones" Castle And It's Not Wildly Expensive, Either

    Valar Mortgage-lis

    Oh, hello, Game of Thrones (or real estate) fans. Not to alarm you, but you can actually buy a castle that was used in the show and it's not as outrageously expensive as you would think.


    Like, you don't have to be Lannister-level rich, ya know?

    The location for sale is Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland which served as one of the settings for Riverrun on Thrones in Season 3.

    daniellefitz / Via

    Fans may recall that Rivverrun was a pretty important setting in Season 3 — Rob and Catelyn spent a lot of time there before heading to The Twins for ye olde Red Wedding.

    And, of course, one of the main events that happened at Riverrun was Robb Stark's execution of Rickard Karstark — which was shot at Gosford Castle.


    Lord Karstark is sentenced to death for treason, fwiw.

    Here's an IRL photo of what seems like the same (or, at least, a similar) spot at Gosford Castle, for reference.

    jessicann4 / Via

    Add some banners, rain, and a Direwolf....

    And now it is being sold for a "starting price" of £500,000.


    According to Travel + Leisure that is roughly $656,147 USD — which is literally cheaper than the average home in Los Angeles, which is $677,400.

    *Immediately drains bank account and books a one-way ticket to Northern Ireland*

    Now, in FAIRNESS, the official listing is for only a portion of the castle (so, not the entire thing), but STILL, you guys, you could say you live in a CASTLE?!

    Maison Real Estate / Via

    And, if you're seriously interested, you can contact the listing company Maison Real Estate.

    Happy throne, I mean, castle-hunting!


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