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    People In Their 40s Shared A Bunch Of Hilarious Jokes About Being “Old,” And YEAH These Are Legitimately Funny

    Lots of sleeping, lots of body pain. SO FUN.

    Believe it or not, there's actually a lot to laugh about when you hit that magical age range of your late 30s to early 40s. In fact, I'd argue there's even more to laugh about as you get older because you begin to realize everything is stupid and laughable. So here's a look at some perfectly funny tweets that sum up what it's like being an old millennial...or older. Enjoy:

    1. This funny (and sad) joke:

    "Did it hurt when–" Of course it did. I'm in my 40s.

    Twitter: @dave_cactus

    2. This constant worry:

    Eating in my 40s is confusing: I’m young enough that I still need to take care of my body, but old enough that I don’t want to risk having a salad as my last meal.

    Twitter: @MamaNeedsACoke

    3. This WAY too real struggle:

    Me waking up in my 20s after a bottle of wine, 3 gin and tonics, 4 shots and 2 hours sleep. vs Me waking up in my 40s after 2 glasses of wine and 7 hours sleep.

    Twitter: @Pandamoanimum

    4. This honest style throwback:

    The only thing we Gen Xers fucked up is our eyebrows

    Twitter: @AngryBlackLady

    5. And this one too:

    You can't fuck with Gen Xers, our beauty routine had Sea-Breeze as a toner.

    Twitter: @CynicalTherapi1

    6. This harsh reality check:

    I’m an old millennial which means until yesterday I thought granola was a Health Food

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl

    7. This appreciation for a good night's sleep:

    My 20s: *drinks all the drinks, does all the drugs, has all the sex. My 30s: *sits on the couch until it's no longer too early to go to bed

    8. And this appreciation for a good nap:

    Me in my 20s: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll! Me in my 40s: Naps, I love naps.

    Twitter: @Parentpains

    9. This question for the room:

    is there a support group for older Millennials with back pain that became worse during the pandemic

    Twitter: @karenkho

    10. This no-lies-detected reflection:

    I think a thing that young people could not possibly understand about Gen X and older Millennials is that our entire personalities were shaped by watching shows that weren’t at all for us or even interesting to us just because they were on

    Twitter: @ambernoelle

    11. This ~neat~ change that happens to your body:

    The neat thing about your late 30’s is the ability to wake up hungover and dehydrated after a singular drink.

    Twitter: @ericsmithrocks

    12. This honest assumption:

    Me in my 20s: Im probably just hungover Me in my 30s: I’m probably just sick Me in my 40s: I’m probably just dying

    Twitter: @Reflog_18

    13. This reminder for the youths:

    why did i just see a tiktok telling "older millennials" they don't know the meaning of the word "stan" as if WE WEREN'T THERE AT ITS CONCEPTION

    Twitter: @runwithskizzers

    14. This ability to relate to a comic strip icon:

    Me in my teens: “Cathy” is so stupid Me in my 40s: CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! ACK!

    Twitter: @d_haggar

    15. This funny thing I know we all do:

    I’m in my 40s and I legit just counted my knuckles to determine if May had 31 days... Anyone else do this?

    Twitter: @_NancyMD

    16. This realization you probably came to:

    At some point in my thirties I started having an opinion about how my groceries are bagged and I don’t like it.

    Twitter: @UrsulaV

    17. And this one, too:

    Twitter: @chrisomerville

    18. This honestly impressive display of flexibility:

    Twitter: @josephlongo_

    19. This honest truth:

    Me taking off skinny Jeans in my thirties.

    Twitter: @jamieeast

    20. This checklist of daily questions:

    As you get older, you begin to suffer the occasional series of increasingly humiliating micro-injuries. "How did you hurt yourself?" I slept wrong. While I was driving, I happened to yawn while checking my blind spot. I drank water too hard.

    Twitter: @jaredcwilson

    21. This confusing realization:

    Being in your 30s means technically you're a millennial but you also remember when paying with a credit card meant the cashier sighing heavily and pulling out the SHUNCK SHUNCK machine

    Twitter: @Rica_Bee

    22. This appreciation for GOOD music:

    Me, in my teens: This radio station is playing my jams. Me, in my 20s: This bar is playing my jams. Me, in my 30s: This grocery store is playing my jams.

    Twitter: @mommajessiec

    23. This great welcome:

    welcome to your thirties please start developing strong opinions about various over-the-counter pain relievers

    Twitter: @BrandyLJensen

    24. This joke that's actually very serious and not a joke:

    Flirting in your 30s be like: "Are we doing this or not? I have shit to do."

    Twitter: @romeogadungan

    25. This delicious demand:

    by your thirties you should have a pasta shape you vehemently despise for no particular reason. mine’s rotini.

    Twitter: @BrandyLJensen

    26. This good advice for dating:

    Dating in your thirties is like, “so, what do you do for work and fun!! also what traumas have you accumulated by this point that I should be mindful of?”

    Twitter: @ChrisDStedman

    27. This breakdown of headache types:

    Being in your 30s is just spending all your time working out what kind of headache you’ve got. Not enough caffeine? Too much caffeine? Dehydrated? Overhydrated? Tired? Too much screen time? Stress? Something incurable? Who knows.

    Twitter: @ldlapinski

    28. This realization about sex now:

    Having sex in your late thirties is great because the foot and leg cramps will tell you when to switch positions.

    Twitter: @daddydoubts

    29. This...yeah:

    Me in my late 20’s: I’ll never lose touch with what’s cool in music! Me in my late 30’s: I have no idea who Post Malone is.

    Twitter: @StephenAmell

    30. And finally, this realization from Gen X legend himself, musician Rob Thomas (LOL):

    I can tell I’m well into my 40s when I say shit like “man, those are nice nesting bowls”

    Twitter: @ThisIsRobThomas