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15 Jokes About Periods That Will Make Anyone Who Has One Say, "Damn, That's Accurate, Though"

I love period tweets.

Periods are terrible. I know it, you know it, and Twitter REALLY knows it. In fact, sometimes the only thing that helps to ease the bloat and pain is to laugh about it. So here's a look at some of the funniest jokes about periods. ENJOY...

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one thing about me? i’m gonna complain about my period

Twitter: @foyinog


i survive my period cramps without pain killers are u scared of me now

Twitter: @tahiyawho


I would 100% sign up for a period app that sends me push notifications leading up to my period that are like “this anxiety is hormonal” or “do you might feel like the world is ending,” or “it’s 2 am on the 27th day of your cycle, maybe wait until morning to send that snippy text”

Twitter: @anne_theriault


Nobody : Me whenever I sneeze on my period

Twitter: @omo_mummy__


one thing about me, after my period i really NEED it. Like, i NEED it.

Twitter: @llesha_m


Me: I feel indescribably wretched. There is no hope. What is this thing called life? Me, the next day: Oh, ok, I've just got my period.

Twitter: @elizabday


i missed my period this month ... Lord pls don’t tell me you taking me out the game

Twitter: @khilanii


Twitter: @Neyogems


a woman's period is like once a month her body accidentally hits caps lock on her emotions

Twitter: @aparnapkin


If you think you have a stupid question, just remember NASA engineers once asked Sally Ride if 100 tampons were enough for a 7 day mission.

Twitter: @marisalange


there are people who get their period but DONT experience cramps? ???????????

Twitter: @yooncvlt


Him: Hi Me, on my period: I feel like you’re lying but ok

Twitter: @momjeansplease


When im on my period and i see a duck walking alone.

Twitter: @iam_zara0


my period showing up unannounced, like a customer at 8:59 pm when we close at 9. i say, “sorry we’re about to close,” and my period replies, “you work for me, bitch.”

Twitter: @sarahschauer


Twitter: @romanrochelle