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    28 Hilarious And Amazing Movie Details That May Or May Not Ruin The Whole Movie For You

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a secret cameo in Knives Out.

    Rewatching movies is a fun pastime that many people (myself included) find very comforting.

    But have you ever noticed something funny/weird/distracting in a movie you've seen ~a million times~ and thought, how the heck did I miss that before?!

    Well, that exact thing happened to these eagle-eyed Reddit users, and thankfully they decided to share their entertaining discoveries with the world because it's quite a hoot. Check it out...

    1. The ©Disney printed on Buzz's butt:

    close up of the stamp

    2. This hilarious recovery from Robin Williams:

    As Azaria explained to Slash Film:

    "That was absolutely not intentional. And if you watch that little piece of film again, you'll see me laughing and Robin laughing. It's one of those things that happens that you never really think they're going to use, but I was so emotionally upset in the scene — I was supposed to be crying — that I just pretended that he was making me cry even more. But I was actually laughing."

    3. This headscratcher:

    4. This subtle, yet not-so-subtle move:

    5. This detail I'll never not notice from now on:

    close up of the two different sets of smiles/teeth

    6. This "once you hear it you'll totally get" it detail:

    7. This "wish I didn't know that" note:

    8. This iconic improv:

    9. This detail that COMPLETELY takes you out of the scene:

    arrow pointing to the hand in the film

    10. This really sweet detail I will never forget now:

    11. This super smart detail:

    12. This hilarious cameo I'm low-key obsessed with now:

    Close up of Will Ferrell eating pizza in the nackground

    13. This detail that makes me kinda sad:

    arrows pointing to the straight or bended arms

    14. This moment that made me audibly gasp:

    15. This funny detail that I'll ALWAYS think about:

    16. This wacky detail that's gonna make me look for other ones:

    Close up of a door with police backwards and lab written forwards

    17. This SUPER TINY detail that'll refocus your attention in this scene:

    18. And this one, too:

    A couple floating over a bridge, and Carrie fisher pointing at George Lucas at an event

    19. This funny/ridiculous moment:

    20. This one-of-many Disney Easter eggs:

    Here they are in Cinderella:

    21. This funny nod:

    22. This cute one:

    23. This funny moment that turned into movie magic:

    24. This funny/kinda yikes Easter egg:

    25. This great foreshadowing that gives it all away:

    26. This very detailed detail that always makes me chuckle:

    1. Punchline does not mean hit the child.

    2. Don't howl at your own jokes.

    3. Tentacles funny. Razor sharp claws not funny.

    4. Multiple heads should speak one-at-a-time.

    5. No claws for tickling.

    6. Scared kids don't laugh.

    7. Try not to hurt the audience.

    8. Always keep sharp spikes in!

    9. You won't get a laugh if you don't take a bath.

    10. Never let them see you slobber.

    27. This cool Easter egg I'll always be on the lookout for now:

    Close up of a chalkboard with "steven and tom's 4th project" written on it

    28. And finally, this one, confirmed by the director himself: "A major plot point in The Batman (2022) is revealed early on, right in front of our blind eyes." —u/Comic_Book_Reader

    Indeed, I can confirm. 100%

    Twitter: @mattreevesla
    close up of Paul Danno in the window

    H/T r/MovieDetails