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    16 Funny Comics About Boobs, Butts, And Other Things Almost Every Woman Will Laugh At

    Most women, anyway.

    1. When your clothes are designed not for function but ~fashion~ (ugh).

    2. When your period decides to give you the rudest of awakenings.

    3. When you realize shaving your legs just isn't necessary.

    4. When you don't care about other people's opinions...well most people's anyway.

    5. When you notice the evolution of your undies.

    6. When you go to the OB-GYN for the first time.

    7. When you turn over in bed and this magic trick happens.

    8. When you take joy in the little things.

    9. When you find an alternate use for lingerie.

    10. When a little change makes a big others.

    11. When you put on a brave face despite how you're feeling.

    12. When you learn a new move for awkward social situations.

    13. When you THOUGHT you found the perfect color.

    14. When you wear the nightmare that is a strapless bra.

    15. When you take a little risk and it totally backfires.

    16. And finally, when even the simple things in life are stupidly unfair.

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