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    15 Bra Jokes That Will Make Every Woman LOL

    "Home is where the bra isn't."

    1. Doing this AT LEAST once (okay, definitely more than once) in your life.

    2. Going through this obnoxious situation.

    3. Understanding this stupid, but actually too real joke.

    4. Knowing the ~other~ benefits your bra has beyond the obvious.

    5. Having ONE MORE annoying thing to deal with while shopping.


    7. Wishing this fantasy could come true.

    8. Experiencing this wonderful moment.

    9. Understanding how painful (literally) this truth is.

    10. Thinking this the moment you put a bra on...

    11. ...and this when you take it off.

    12. Feeling like this ALWAYS happens (because it does).

    13. Developing this wonderful skill.

    14. Knowing how true this simple statement is.

    15. And finally having this grim, but probably true, thought.