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    Disney Just Launched A "Frozen" Fan Fest To Celebrate All The New "Frozen 2" Stuff You Can Get Before The Movie Drops

    All the Frozen 2 merch you could ever want, right here, right now.

    Frozen 2 may still be over a month away, but if you're a ~true~ fan you can start celebrating now because Disney just launched a Frozen "Fan Fest!"

    The Frozen Fan Fest marks the official launch of all the new, cool, and downright pretty Frozen 2 products available starting Oct. 4 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, online at, The Disney Store locations, and many more retailers!

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Here's a cute sneak peek at just some of the merch coming out to get you hyped!

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    First of all, we need to talk about these picture-perfect costumes that are landing just in time for Halloween. Spoiler alert: Elsa and Anna are still rocking it in the sequel.


    Available at Target, Walmart, Spirit Halloween and Amazon for $69.99.

    And, don't worry, they've got the lil' ones covered, too.

    JAKKS Pacific

    These Elsa and Anna costumes are available at Walmart for $29.88 each.

    Elsa and Anna boots are sold separately and available at Walmart for $16.88 each.

    And, hello, this Elsa "Dark Sea" dress actually lights up. IT LIGHTS UP, FOLKS!

    JAKKS Pacific

    Available exclusively at Target for $39.99.

    Of course, if you're like me and you prefer ~comfy~ clothes there are these loungewear sets.


    Sweatshirts and joggers available for $86 (sweatshirt) and $103 (jogger) at various retailers.

    Or these cozy and chic blanket from Barefoot Dreams.

    Barefoot Dreams

    Available at Saks for $138.

    And for ~regular~ non-Halloween days there's also these character dresses from Pippa & Julie that are honestly too cute for words.

    Pippa & Julie

    Available at Pippa & Julie for $68 (character dress on the left) and $74 (Anna Bomber Set on the right).

    You can dress your feet up with this whole line of artistic Frozen 2 kicks from Converse.


    Available Nov. 1 at and select retailers starting at $35 (for toddler/kids shoes) and $65 (for adult shoes).

    Or if it's already cold in your neck of the woods, check out these amazing boots from Sorel.

    Mark Stein / Sorel

    Available at mass retailers and for $75+.

    And carry all your things in one of these cute bags from Danielle Nicole.

    Danielle Nicole

    Available for pre-order from starting at $68.

    As far as toys go — because what's a Disney movie without the tie-in toys, right?! — check out these SINGING Elsa and Anna dolls.


    Elsa and Anna are both available for $19.88 at Walmart.

    Or there's the Ultimate Arendelle Castle playset to let imaginations run wild.


    Available at Walmart for $199.99.

    Or this super cute Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle, which is just a LITTLE more travel-friendly.


    Available at Walmart for $29.88.

    And OBVIOUSLY, there are gonna be new Funko POP! figurines.


    Available at mass retailers for $9.99.

    For the culinary fans there are these Anna and Elsa inspired aprons for kids.

    These Elsa and Anna aprons are available at Williams Sonoma for $23.96.

    Some adorably themed cookware from Nordic Ware.

    Nordic Ware

    Available from Nordic Ware for $40 (Cast Character Cakelet Pan), $38 (3 Piece Cookie Baking Set), and $6 (Large Character Spatula).

    And if you're less about cooking and more about eating (HI!!!!) you can actually get Frozen 2 popsicles.


    Available for $3.99 at mass retailers.

    And if you're already obsessed with Elsa's crystals, you can actually make your very own BATH BOMBS.

    Becker & Mayer, LLC

    Get the how-to guide at Barnes & Noble for $11.11.

    OK, now here's where we kick it into high-gear because there are also a number of high-end dream products, too. Like these stunning Judith Lieber Frozen clutches Elsa herself would approve of.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Available for pre-order from Saks in "Snowflakes," ($3,995) "Fall Gradient," ($3,495) and "Winter Gradient" ($3,495).

    And this "A Dance of Autumn" three-dimensional bag that's hand-beaded and embroidered and inspired by Anna.

    Mary Frances Accessories

    Available starting Oct. 15 at Mary Frances Accessories for $355.

    And these drool-worthy Ruthie Davis oleographic platform shoes.

    Ruthie Davis

    Available starting Nov. 10 for $695 (left) and $795 (right).

    This clear ankle boot from Ruthis Davis is lined with snowflake-shaped Swarovski crystals...

    Ruthie Davis

    Available starting Nov. 10 for $898.

    ...and these strappy stilettos are my new current obsession.

    Ruthie Davis

    Available starting Nov. 10 for $698.

    There's this beautiful white gold and diamond Frozen 2 Snowflake Pendant from Roberto Coin.

    Roberto Coin

    Available starting Oct. 5 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Disney Parks and other fine jewelry stores for $2,300.

    And this equally stunning Anna Signature necklace made of yellow gold, orange sapphire, and yellow sapphire.

    Roberto Coin

    Available starting Oct.5 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Disney Parks and other fine jewelry stores for $2,100.

    And finally, for the very, very special person in your life (or yourself and your dreams!) there's this 14 KT white and yellow gold and diamond official Frozen 2 ring.


    Get it from Zales for $4,447.20.

    Happy #FrozenFanFest !!!


    Frozen 2 opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019!

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