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    Jan 26, 2017

    You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Had Ice Cream From Friendly’s

    One word: Fribble.

    1. Let's be real, if you're a fan of ice cream, then you haven't lived until you've had Friendly's.

    Friendly's / Via

    SO. GOOD.

    2. Because at Friendly's they treat you like ice cream lover royalty.

    art.geek10.4 / Via

    Say "hello" to the Royal Banana Split.

    3. And they can please ANY crowd, big...

    nikki_colle / Via

    Six toppings on any six flavors of ice cream? No problem!

    4. ...or small.

    friendlys / Via

    So simple, yet so good.

    5. Friendly's always manages to put a smile on everyone's face...

    cassielulumay / Via

    Monster Mash Sundae? Yum.

    6. ...any time of year.

    keo_kaney_ / Via

    Santa Sundae!!!!

    7. In fact, sometimes Friendly's is so damn good it's too hard to pick just ONE delight.

    jabor93 / Via

    Decisions, decisions...

    8. So, it's a good thing you can ALWAYS get some to go...

    friendlys / Via

    Got my meals planned for the week.

    9. ...for, you know, your stockpile at home.

    dbinelli / Via


    10. But the beauty doesn't just stop with straight-up scoops of ice cream.

    days104 / Via

    The thickest, most glorious shake you'll ever meet.

    11. 'Cause some of the classic faves actually come in ~cake~ form.

    junkbanter / Via

    Crying just looking at this photo, TBH.

    12. Or even super nostalgic roll form.

    hernameisrio / Via

    FYI: Those are chocolate chip "seeds" thus making this 101% better than a real watermelon.

    13. And let's not even get started on how good the actual FOOD menu is.

    mighty_mika101 / Via

    Because that's a whole other discussion in itself.

    14. Friendly's instantly puts a smile on everyone's face.

    lizzy_r_p / Via


    15. Even non-humans get excited about it.

    friendlys / Via

    "Why, yes, I'll hold your food for you, but I can't guarantee I won't eat it."

    16. Heck, Friendly's itself gets excited about giving you ice cream for free when there's a cause for celebration.

    jenniferellegard / Via

    Everyone friggin' wins!

    17. Dear Friendly's, we salute you!

    friendlys / Via

    ::Heart eyes forever.::