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    17 Interesting Facts About French Fries That Will Make You Feel Smart And Hungry

    There are at least 18 "types" of French fries. ENJOY.

    1. There are actual fry-tasting rooms at the McDonald's headquarters in Illinois.

    2. And fry samples are randomly tested there from McDonald's restaurants across America for monthly scrutiny.

    3. McDonald's actually offered waffle fries at one Canada.

    4. Burger King changed its French fry recipe in 2011 for the first time since 1998.

    5. Thomas Jefferson was probably the first person to "bring" fries, or some version of them, to America.

    6. And the name "French fries" actually originated in Belgium, rather than France.

    7. There are at least 18 "types" of French fries.

    8. Belgians, per capita, consume a third more French fries than Americans.

    9. McDonald's buys more than 3.4 billion pounds of U.S. potatoes annually for its famous golden fries.

    10. And, in case you're wondering, they mainly use the Russet Burbank variety of potato for their fries.

    11. In-N-Out cuts its French fries in their restaurants every day.

    12. And Five Guys cooks its fries in peanut oil.

    13. There is a French fry museum called Frietmuseum in Belgium.

    14. Many countries like Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands have French fry vending machines.

    HEBBEN. Op de @WageningenUR staat de eerste volautomatische #frietpatat-machine. Heb je in 120 sec. je friet/patat.


    15. The world's longest curly fry was found at an Arby’s and it measured 38-inches long.

    16. The earliest known reference to French fries in English literature is in "A Tale of Two Cities."

    17. And finally, in the United Kingdom, the word "chip" (which they say instead of French fry) can be traced back to 1769 — it originally referred to slices or chunks of fruits or vegetables preserved with salt water.