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    21 April Fool's Food Pranks That Are Borderline Genius

    Prank you very much.

    1. Cover grapes in chocolate egg wrappers for a sweet holiday mashup prank.

    2. Place a container of sauce inside someone's shake to give them a ~hot~ surprise.

    3. Make a fresh pitcher of "orange juice" with a packet of powdered Kraft cheese.

    Rizzu7 / Via

    4. Inject mayo into a doughnut for a creamy gag someone will actually gag on.

    5. Or use that mayo to fill up a loved one's toothpaste tube.

    Sandpanda / Via

    6. And then use that toothpaste to replace the filling in some Oreos.

    celery711 / Via

    7. Make "cake" pops with chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts instead.

    stitchinwitch / Via

    8. Cook up some delicious-looking candy apples with...onions.

    Get the step-by-step instructions here!

    9. Replace someone's ice cream with JUST ice.

    10. Make Mentos ice cubes for the soda-loving person in your life.

    GLman16 / Via

    11. Hide a few green tomatoes with the green apples at a grocery store.

    iUseThis2DownVote / Via

    12. Fill a doughnut with Sriracha and watch your friends play dessert roulette.

    yeehawjared / Via

    13. Use a moldy sandwich bag to pack your loved one's lunch.

    Witty Yeti / Via

    Get a 40-pack of fake mold sandwich bags from Amazon for $7.99.

    14. Leave a bowl of mixed-up Skittles, M&M's, and Reese's Pieces for your friends, family, coworkers...whoever.

    Just make sure your poor coworkers aren’t allergic to peanuts!

    15. Place a chicken bouillon cube inside a showerhead and wait for hilarity to ensue.

    16. Make an undrinkable drink with some Jell-O.

    mymenupal / Via

    17. Do a simple condiment label swap for a very easy laugh.

    18. Replace someone's gum with Play-Doh for a really ~fresh~ joke.

    Ownagetacos / Via

    19. Make a "chicken" fried steak for someone with cardboard.

    FreebaseCatnip / Via

    20. Cover some sponges with chocolate frosting and present it to a loved one as a "chocolate sponge cake."

    zphantom / Via

    21. And finally, pull a DOUBLE prank by placing takeout food inside an iPhone box, INSIDE the takeout food container. Phew.

    KittyCatMaster / Via