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19 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "A Quiet Place" That Will Make You Realize It's An Even Better Film Than You Thought

"An extraordinary piece of work." —Stephen King

Fair warning: some very MILD spoilers ahead.

1. There are real family photos of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt and their children used in the film.

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Why not, ya know?

2. In the beginning of the film, in the store, most of the food on the shelves is gone...except for all the bags of chips.

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Because they're too noisy to eat/open!

3. The actor who plays Regan, Millicent Simmonds, is deaf in real life.

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Krasinski, who you probably know directed the film, said having a deaf actor play Regan was non-negotiable.

4. And Simmonds told Krasinski that she really enjoyed seeing how different their characters' signing was.

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Krasinski explained to the Independent, "Millie pointed out that my character is very shut off and just wants to survive and his signing is very curt, it’s very small, it’s very immediate and direct. Emily’s character is all about, 'We can’t just survive, there has to be beauty in the world. We have to give a life to our children.' So she’s very warm and she’s bigger and she’s more affectionate in her signing."

5. The actor who plays Marcus, Noah Jupe, is actually British.

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Flawless accent, kid.

6. And George Clooney was the one who recommended Noah to John Krasinski for the role.

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Clooney had previously directed Noah in Suburbicon.

7. The bathtub scene was done in only one take.

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"As soon as she [Blunt] was done, she asked what was for lunch," said Krasinski.

8. The film's sound editors created what they called "sound envelopes" to put the audience in the characters' shoes to "hear what they hear and how they might hear it."

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Sound editors Ethan Van der Ryn and Erik Aadahl ironically worked on very ~loud~ films, like Godzilla and Transformers, respectively.

9. The final look of the creature wasn't fully figured out until pretty late in the process, during postproduction.

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And the actors were quite surprised when they saw it during a screening.

10. Simmonds actually made John Krasinski cry on set with a suggestion to change an important part of the script.

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During the climactic scene between Lee and his kids (in the truck), the original script just had him signing "I love you." However, Simmonds suggested that he should sign "I've ALWAYS loved you," which made Krasinski cry.

11. Before making A Quiet Place, Krasinski said he, ironically, wasn't even a fan of horror films.

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He told a friend, "I couldn’t even watch horror movies."

12. To prepare, Krasinski watched movies like Get Out, The Witch, and The Babadook...

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13. ...and he actually wrote down WHEN he was scared and figured out what things made him nervous while watching these films.


He explained, "Instead of visual style, it was about when I started to get tense. I started drawing out the tension in a different way, because of how it affected me."

14. 1979's Alien was particularly influential for him.

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"The reason I loved Alien so much is my investment in that character, Ripley. I was so scared for her, I didn’t want her to make the wrong choice," said Krasinski.

15. Noah and Millie binge-watched The Office on the way to and from set.

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No word on if they quoted Jim lines back to Krasinski, though.

16. After reading the completed script, Blunt told Krasinski he couldn't let anyone but her play the role of Evelyn.

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“It is the greatest compliment of my entire career,” said Krasinski.

17. And Krasinski said working with his wife on this film was "without a doubt the best collaboration I've ever had in my life."

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He told the BBC, "I have always been a huge fan of hers on screen, but we keep our careers very separate. To be in the room when she does what she does, you get to see why she's so good. And I think it's actually made us closer, working together."

18. The film is meant to be a metaphor for parenthood.

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Krasinski said, "We had just had our second daughter three weeks before I read the script, and so I was living with the terror of hoping to keep her safe, hoping to keep her alive. Was I a good enough man to be her father? All those themes are in the movie. And so, in my rewrite, that’s what I drilled down to even more."

19. And finally, the King of Horror himself, Stephen King, has called the film "an extraordinary piece of work."

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