19 Emojis All Thirtysomethings Wish Existed

    Can we finally get a naptime emoji?

    1. The "Friday Night" Emoji:

    2. The "OMG! Everyone I Know Has A Kid" Emoji:

    3. The "It's 10 p.m., It's Way Past My Bedtime" Emoji:

    4. The "Back Pain!" Emoji:

    5. The "Oh God, I Got My First Grey Hair!" Emoji:

    6. The "My High Heel Wearing Days Are Over" Emoji:

    7. The "Can't Hold My Booze Anymore" Emoji:

    8. The "I'm Fiscally Responsible" Emoji:

    9. The "Am I Too Old To Wear This?" Emoji:

    10. The "Definitely Not Waiting In That Line" Emoji:

    11. The "Welp, I'm In For The Night" Emoji:

    12. The "This Was My Saturday Afternoon" Emoji:

    13. The "I Literally Have No Time For Anything But Work" Emoji:

    14. The "Raising Both Hands In Celebration Of Getting Carded" Emoji:

    15. The "I Shouldn't Have Eaten That" Emoji:

    16. The "We're Having A Dinner Party" Emoji:

    17. The "My Doctor Says I Need To Start Eating Better" Emoji:

    18. The "I Am So Overwhelmed By Social Media" Emoji:

    19. The "It's 2 p.m., Time For A Nap!" Emoji: