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19 Halloween Costumes That Require Literally Zero Effort Whatsoever

Bonus: There are some great pun costumes in here too.

1. Three-hole-punch Jim:

2. French ~Kiss~:

3. A formal apology:

This years terrible costume - ‘A formal apology” 🎃

Twitter: @KSC_319

4. A nudist "on strike":

5. A very literal Fifty Shades of Grey:

Twitter: @Jewelz3920

6. An "Error 404: Costume not found" message:

7. The Rock, circa 1994:

8. A post-snap Thanos — BONUS Points for THAT BAG:

9. Bedsheet Michael Myers:

Here's my lazy Halloween costume for this year. I'm bedsheet Michael Myers from the 1978 Halloween. 🔪🎃

Compass International Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection / Twitter: @alexisnotwrite

10. A person you can COUNT ON:

11. Game of Thrones Season 8:

12. An inside joke:

Got a costume! This year, I'm athletic. It's okay if you don't get it. It's an... inside joke. #punny #halloween #costume #DoubleWhammy

Twitter: @vinNAYSH

13. A chic ~cool~ cat:

I'm a "cool cat"... get it? #LowEffortHalloweenCostume

Twitter: @InezFeltscher

14. An identity thief:

15. Edgar Allan "Ho":

16. A ginger "bread" man:

17. A Post "Mah-Loan":

18. Damian from Mean Girls:

19. And finally, for anyone who CAN'T get their hands on a green track suit and white Vans:

halloween costumes ideas: SQUID GAME *i didn’t watch it

Twitter: @not__violent

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Graphic of Snoop Dogg and Martha in halloween costumes