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    20 People Who Made Food Choices So, So, So Bad They Belong In Some Kind Of Hall Of Fame

    "You lost me at grating raw chicken."

    2. And the person(s) who made the rawest-looking cooked chicken I have ever seen in my life:

    3. This person who should've stopped when they started with grating raw chicken:


    4. This person who made steak SO overcooked it looks like wood chips:


    5. The person who apparently wants customers to play dental roulette:

    6. The person who thought it'd be a good idea to not only make people feel sick, but also completely waste food:

    7. The person who baked this gross AF–looking cake (although, props to them for lifelike qualities):

    8. The person who thought maybe this "BLT" sandwich should just be a "B" sandwich (HEAVY on the "B"):

    9. The person who thought "chunky" mayo was a good idea:

    10. The person who created a new (stupid) food... the sandwich "burger":

    11. The person who wanted to make, I guess, condiment desserts? IDK:

    12. The person who, for whatever reason, thought marshmallows would be a good substitute for brown sugar (it's not):

    13. The person who insulted tacos everywhere by making these:

    14. The person who wasted two perfectly good things:

    15. The person who made this not-so-refreshing water:

    16. This lady who really thought it'd be a great idea to pour sugar in her expensive dryer to make cotton candy:


    sugar being poured into a dryer slot
    cotton candy in the lint tray

    17. The person who thought putting gummy bears in sausage was appropriate:

    18. This person who just wasted four perfectly fine Big Macs:

    19. The person who made this really-not-OK breakfast:

    20. And finally, this person who thought pasta water would be great for making coffee...

    day one of my zero waste journey! used my pasta water from breakfast to make my coffee 🤗✨

    Twitter: @madibskatin

    ...but then at least owned up to the fact that it wasn't:

    Twitter: @madibskatin

    H/T: r/StupidFood