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    17 People Who Are Going To Rule The World One Day

    The rest of you are living in the stone ages, sorry.

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    1. This person knows what's up.

    2. So does this person.

    3. This ketchup-drizzled-over fries lover is a genius.

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    4. And whoever made this is a true artist.

    5. While this person deserves a gold medal for their next-level skills.

    6. As does this Einstein.

    7. If you're not this person, then we feel sorry for you.

    8. Hey look, this person has figured out that the only thing better than cheese and bacon on fries is a bunch of ketchup.

    9. And this person wants you to know that ranch is just a side show compared to the real STAR that is ketchup drizzled gloriously over fries.

    10. Be kind to your fries and dress them up a little, ya know?

    11. Cover them in two pounds of that tomatoey goodness!

    12. And while you're at it, heck, drizzle that ketchup over ALL. YOUR. FOOD.

    13. Or not, it's up to you — just be sure to cover those fries. That's key.

    bambam901706 / Via

    14. Remember, there are angels among us in the world...

    15. ...and it's easy for you to be one of them.

    16. Wherever you are.

    17. So long as ketchup is nearby.

    chicago_recepti / Via

    Whatever you do, don't be this person and dip your fries.