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21 DIY Tricks All '90s Kids Mastered

Check "Yes" if you did these.

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1. Expertly constructing a book cover from grocery store bags.

2. Putting everyone else's friendship bracelets to shame with a giant Hot Loops headband.

3. Giving your hairstyle an upgrade with a few colorful strings.

4. Upgrading your old Jansport backpack with your favorite band patches.

5. Taking your first stab at homemade ice cream with Barbie’s Ice Cream Shoppe.

6. Painstakingly crafting a fingerboard out of several layers of paper and glue.

7. Expertly folding notes to guarantee safe passage in class.

8. Giving your wardrobe a psychedelic spin with the ancient art of the tie-dye.

9. Tailoring the ultimate customized mixtape to win over your paramour.

10. Making impromptu hacky sacks with a couple balloons and some beans.

11. Expressing yourself on just about anything with Puff paint.

12. Turning your boring straight leg jeans into funky new bell-bottoms.

13. Carefully organizing your Beanie Babies in custom storage containers.

14. Wrapping Fruit Roll-Ups on your fingers, so you could eat like a boss.

15. Using Silly Putty to lift pics from the newspaper.

16. Killing lots of time practicing your Stussy "S" drawing skills.

17. Creating a layer of "skin" with a layer of glue.

18. Creating beautiful pattern paper with Crayola Stampers.

19. Freezing your Capri Sun to get a bigger, better popsicle.

20. Converting your Trapper Keeper into a full-time Pog organizer.

21. Crafting the ultimate tool to predict the future.

Bet you didn't see this post coming!

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