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    The Disney Store Launched A "Little Mermaid" Summer Line And I'm Probably Going To Buy All Of It Because I Have No Self-Control

    Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

    If you're as obsessed with The Little Mermaid as we are, then you'll be happy to know that Disney has teamed up with Oh My Disney and JUST launched an entire line of summer wear and pool (or beach!) accessories dedicated to Ariel and her sea-loving friends.

    1. Like these adorable Ariel leggings.

    2. These Ariel slides with purple sequins.

    3. This super cute Sebastian pool float.

    4. This cheerful Flounder pool float.

    5. These inflatable seahorse cup holders.

    6. This magical Ariel fin towel.

    7. This trendy "don't be such a guppy" tie-waist tank top.

    8. This fashionable "together forever" Flotsam and Jetsam baseball cap.

    9. This Ariel "mermaid" spirit jersey.

    10. This cozy "poor unfortunate souls" cropped hoodie.

    11. This Sebastian "the human world, it's a mess" T-shirt.

    12. This two-piece tote bag to carry dinglehoppers in.

    13. Or this smaller, two-piece pouch set.

    14. This convenient Ariel waterproof phone holder.

    15. This nearly life-size Flounder novelty cup.

    16. This "Prince Eric appreciation club" freezable travel water bottle.

    17. This handy The Little Mermaid bluetooth speaker.

    18. And finally, this picture-perfect The Little Mermaid photo booth accessory kit.

    Bet you'll want to make all of these a part of your world!