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    The Pasta From "Luca" Is Sooo Good In Real Life, And Here's How You Can Make It

    Pasta, gelato, and espresso...oh my!

    In case you missed it, Disney and Pixar's latest original feature film, Luca, has finally dropped, exclusively on Disney+!

    An image from the movie with Luca and Alberto admiring a janky scooter they built

    The film is beautiful, fun, and, because it's set in Italy, it also features A LOT of amazing-looking food — in particular, a pasta dish called trenette al pesto.

    A screenshot of the trenette al pesto pasta from Luca, it has long thin noodles with green beans , yellow potato, and a sprig of basil on top

    And, lucky for all of us, Disney actually has an official recipe for the trenette al pesto from Luca, featuring the adorable character Giulia Marcovaldo!

    An illustration of Giulia from the movie saying "ciao ragazzi today I'm gonna show you a traditional ligurian recipe! My papa's trenette al pesto"

    In the movie, Giulia's dad Massimo makes trenette al pesto for Luca and Alberto, and let's just say they DEVOURED the heck out of it. So, being the food-in-movies-lover that I am, I decided to try out the recipe. Here's how it went:

    The official ingredient list for trenette al pesto from Disney includes a lot of expected items like the basil and pine nuts for the pesto, but it also has more unique ingredients like green beans and a yellow potato.

    Ingredients for 4 people: 500g Trenette or any pasta, 100 g green beans cut, one yellow potato cubed, 50g basil, 2 garlic cloves, pinch of salt, 2 tbsps grated parm, 2 tbps grated pecorino, 30g pine nuts, 100 ml extra virgin olive oil

    I was able to find almost everything on the list at my regular grocery store — the exception being the trenette pasta itself (I have literally never seen this type of pasta in a store before!). But the recipe said I could use linguine instead, so I did my best and opted for some linguine that's "made in Italy" at least.

    The first step was making the pesto, starting with the basil, garlic, and salt.

    Illustration: start with pesto, put basil, garlic, and salt in mortar or food processor, slowly add oil as you go

    I don't own a mortar, so I went with the food processor option to blitz up the basil, garlic, and salt.

    Then I added the pine nuts and cheeses.

    illustration: next, add pine nuts, both cheeses, and continue to add olive oil, consistency should be like a very dense cream, at this point, start boiling water

    The recipe called for 100ml of extra virgin olive oil, but pouring an exact amount into my tiny food processor wasn't very easy, so I just had to eyeball the amount until the ingredients looked like a "very dense cream."

    And here's how my pesto turned out! The first thing I noticed was that the smell was AMAZING. That fresh basil is no joke.

    Image of my pesto, which is nicely blended to a cream-like consistency

    Next up? The pasta, green beans, and potato!

    illustration: once water boils, add a little salt, throw in pasta, green beans, and the potato, cook until pasta is al dente, drain the pasta, but save a few spoonfuls of water

    The recipe called for 500g of the pasta, which as it turned out was the ENTIRE bag. This was the moment I realized this recipe could easily feed a family of four (or more!). So...ya know, take note!

    Then it was time to put it all together.

    illustration: place pesto and spoonfuls of pasta water in bottom of serving bowl, then add pasta and mix

    I found it interesting that the recipe said to put the pesto in first (with some pasta water), and THEN add the pasta, but it actually worked pretty well! I only wish I'd had a slightly larger mixing bowl, LOL.

    And here's what my final product looked like:

    A side-by-side with the movie, for fun:

    Comparison of the movie's pasta and my pasta, which looks very similar

    Finally, it was time to EAT!

    illustation: mic it well, then serve it, buon appetito a tutti voi — Giulia Marcovaldo

    And let's just say...IT WAS DELICIOUS!!

    Verdict: One very bold *Italian Chef's Kiss*.

    Wanna see this pasta dish and MORE amazing foods in beautiful animated form? Watch Luca NOW on Disney+!

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