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    16 Reasons Dining Out Alone Is Actually The Best

    "It's all on one bill." *goosebumps*

    1. There's no awkward check-splitting.

    2. And you don't have to make can just GO whenever you want.

    3. There's no pressure to SHARE your food...

    4. ...and no one will *cutely* steal your food.

    5. You get a lot of peace and quiet...

    6. ...or get to tune out the world with your own music!

    7. It's the perfect time to catch up on that book you've been meaning to finish.

    8. There's no need for small talk.

    9. You'll enjoy your food more!

    10. It's a fun excuse to people watch.

    Or, ahem, eavesdrop — if you're the kind of rude person would do that, I CERTAINLY wouldn't know. *sweats*

    11. Your brain will get a chance to unwind.

    12. You can make healthier choices...

    13. ...OR enjoy that dessert all to yourself!

    14. You don't have to adjust your order to suit other people at the table.

    15. You can actually get a confidence boost.

    16. And finally, if there's a cute server...welp, guess who's got their full attention?