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    16 Reasons Dining Out Alone Is Actually The Best

    "It's all on one bill." *goosebumps*

    1. There's no awkward check-splitting.

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    You KNOW there's always that ONE PERSON who doesn't add tax and tip into their contribution.

    2. And you don't have to make can just GO whenever you want.

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    No need for endless texts back and forth about where and when to meet.

    3. There's no pressure to SHARE your food...


    You know when someone is like, "Oh, let's order X and X and share," and you're internally dying.

    4. ...and no one will *cutely* steal your food.

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    *Dying inside* "Sure."

    5. You get a lot of peace and quiet...

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    Sometimes you just want to eat in peace, ya know?

    6. ...or get to tune out the world with your own music!

    Twitter: @franvcnt

    Nothing like a little dinner and your fav Spotify list to make the perfect evening.

    7. It's the perfect time to catch up on that book you've been meaning to finish.

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    Hopefully you don't drop anything on the pages while you do it, though!

    8. There's no need for small talk.

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    Filling that dead space between meaningful conversation is just exhausting.

    9. You'll enjoy your food more!

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    No one is there to distract you while you shovel your food in your mouth.

    10. It's a fun excuse to people watch.

    Or, ahem, eavesdrop — if you're the kind of rude person would do that, I CERTAINLY wouldn't know. *sweats*

    11. Your brain will get a chance to unwind.

    Twitter: @beastlywretch

    It's like a little mental holiday!

    12. You can make healthier choices...

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    You won't be guilted into getting a dessert when you don't actually want it.

    13. ...OR enjoy that dessert all to yourself!

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    It goes both ways, ya know.

    14. You don't have to adjust your order to suit other people at the table.

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    It's just less chaos.

    15. You can actually get a confidence boost.

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    It'll help you learn to be comfortable being alone, which is 110% A-okay.

    16. And finally, if there's a cute server...welp, guess who's got their full attention?

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    Spoiler: You!