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PSA: Tom Hopper Is Hot AF And He Should've Gone Shirtless At Least Once On "Game Of Thrones"

Lord of Horn(y) Hill.

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Now that we're deep into the penultimate season of Game of Thrones, it should be no surprise to fans that we're losing characters faster than people are traveling this season on Thrones.

Actually, I'm surprised MORE characters haven't died.

Actually, I'm surprised MORE characters haven't died.

And while some of the lost are characters we grew to love over the years (OLENNA TYRELL!), there are others who were but a mere flash in the Dickon Tarly.

HBO / Via

Especially considering Tom Hopper only replaced the OG Dickon Tarly, Freddie Stroma (who portrayed Dickon in Season 6), for a few brief episodes this season.

So, in memory of the gone-too-soon younger Tarly brother, here are bunch of photos of actor Tom Hopper that will make you thirst, I mean, wish he'd lasted a little longer.

If these abs don't make you sweat like Daenerys Targaryen in Jon Snow's presence, nothing will.

Instagram: @tom

One image not enough? Okay. How about 27 glorious GIFs of shirtless perfection that will make you wish Dickon got his dick on during Game of Thrones...

...I mean...

...WTF were you thinking keeping him covered up in ARMOR, Game of Thrones?!

Let's just all agree that this is a wet dream we'd all want.

DNA Magazine

And there was clearly WAY TOO MUCH sleeve happening on Game of Thrones, unlike on Merlin...

...or Black Sails.

Keith Bernstein / Starz

And, let's be real, shirts altogether.

Instagram: @tom

Seriously, fuck that Game of Thrones armor. There should've been less deerskin capes and a lot more Dickon Tarly skin.

Dickon Tarly's beef is the kind we'd actually be happy to wash down with a cup of poisoned wine.

Starz / Via

And this smile would be worth killing a million Dothraki for.


These arms are hotter than all the heat of Drogon's fire put together.

And this camera person CLEARLY agrees.

RIP you gorgeous Lord of Horn(y) Hill.

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