"Dexter" Had A Famously Bad Ending, But The Show Is Coming Back, So Hopefully It Will Make Up For That

    Showtime just announced that Michael C. Hall is returning to his iconic role in a new limited series.

    Earlier today, Showtime announced that "America’s favorite serial killer" Dexter will return for a new 10-episode limited series.

    Michael C. Hall as Dexter in the series finale with a beard

    For those of you who may have missed this groundbreaking series, here's the gist: Dexter is a serial killer...but he only kills "bad" people (like murderers and rapists, etc.).

    Now, for the rest of you who did watch Dexter AND who made it through to the end: You're probably extra interested in today's news because, let's be real, the show's ending was VERY disappointing.

    🚨 FAIR WARNING: I'm about to recap how the show ended. So, obviously, there are major spoilers ahead. 🚨

    As a refresher, in the last episode of the show, Dexter takes his sister, Deb, off life support (she's "brain-dead" at this point) just as a hurricane is setting in.

    Dexter then sneaks Deb's body out of the hospital on his boat, dumps her body into the ocean (like all his past kill victims, which was a WEIRD choice because he loved Deb), and rides off into the storm. After the storm passes, the wreckage of said boat is found and everyone assumes Dexter is dead. So sad, right? WRONG!

    Dexter holding Deb's body, about to dump her into the water

    Because, after a quick fade to black, we fade back in and find Dexter — some unknown time later — living as a LUMBERJACK in the middle of nowhere. And that's how it ends.

    Suffice it to say, people were less than pleased with the ending. For example, the A.V. Club literally gave the episode an "F" rating.

    AV Club rating of Dexter finale episode with an "F"

    So when Showtime announced the return of Dexter this morning, fans had the same question (and hopes) on their minds:

    @IGN Are we going to forget the whole lumberjack ending ...

    @DEADLINE @Showtime Is the brilliant take “let’s undo that garbage ending”?

    @THR They're going to make up for that series finale

    With some even noting how the show was, ahem, ~better~ earlier on:

    @HumanGravy Are you looking forward to the adventures of Dexter the Sullen Lumberjack, or hoping they pull a retcon that erases everything that went wrong after Season 4?

    However, mostly, people were all about the memes because, duh, this is Twitter:

    All us Dexter fans who bashed the series finale ready to jump right back in

    I hope the new Dexter episodes are just about workplace drama at his lumberjack gig

    if dexter is coming back, so is this video

    I mean, IDK how the new limited series will turn out, but at least we'll have memes.