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    19 Details You Maybe Didn't Know Were In "Solo" That Actually Make The Film That Much Better

    Turns out there is more than one cameo from the prequels in this movie.

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    Hi! We're Crystal and Brian and we're big STAR WARS NERDS! Recently, we picked up the book Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide, which contains a lot of little details and tidbits that you might not know were incorporated into the film. It also answered some questions we had about the film!

    Crystal Ro, Brian Galindo

    Here are some of our favorite things we learned thanks to the book (spoilers ahead, obviously):

    1. Timeline-wise the film starts off seven years after Revenge of the Sith.


    2. After the Empire came to power they made Corellia the planet that constructed their ships like TIE fighters and Star Destroyers.


    Before the Empire came to power, Han Solo's home planet, Corellia, was known for its fast and well-constructed ships and speeders. And, in the movie, Han talks about his dad working on ships similar to the Millennium Falcon.

    3. Han is 19 years old when the film starts...


    4. ...and 22 years old when he makes the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.


    5. It's actually really popular to join the Imperial Military.


    The Empire is actually viewed favorably among inner world planets in particular.

    6. Chewbacca is in Imperial custody on Mimban because he was double-crossed by a bounty hunter.


    The Imperial officers on Mimban locked him up in a makeshift prison there because they didn't have the resources to send him back to Kashyyyk (Chewie's home planet where the Wookies are enslaved by the Empire).

    7. The brown suede jacket we see Han Solo wearing for half the film is made of Nerf leather.


    Which is ironic since, ya know, Princess Leia calls him a "scruffy-looking nerf herder" in The Empire Strikes Back.

    8. Coaxium isn't just fuel, it's what allows ships to jump to lightspeed.

    9. Dryden Vos is not human, he is a near-human alien.


    10. And the lines on Dryden Vos's face are not scars, but "striation" linked to his circulation and adrenaline levels.


    Which explains why they kinda "light up" when he gets angry.

    11. The necklace Qi'ra wears when she reunites with Han is actually half of the Crimson Dawn logo.


    Also, all of her clothes are designed to not interfere with her being able to use Teräs Käsi (the martial arts she is trained in).

    12. There's a Mandalorian armor set (kinda like Boba Fett's) in Dryden Vos's office.


    Specifically, Old Republic-era Mandalorian rally master armor.

    13. Anthony Daniels, the actor who famously plays C-3PO, has a cameo in Solo as Tak, one of the mine workers on Kessel.

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    His backstory explains that he was once a con artist who robbed the elderly on Coruscant.

    14. The Wookie that Chewbacca saves (and headbumps) is named Sagwa.


    He hails from the "inland tree city of Rwookrrorro," the capital city of Kashyyyk. He is also very sick from working so hard, which explains his frail appearance.

    15. Enfys Nest wears an "insulating wrap" that is made from Bantha fur.


    We originally saw banthas in the very first Star Wars film, A New Hope.

    16. That weird mouthpiece on the lounge singer isn't a fashion statement — it's actually a multi-vocoder to boost her voice to non-human frequencies.


    And her name is Aurodia Ventafoli, in case you're wondering.

    17. Lando is on a sort of sabbatical because he had recently paid off his debts with a smuggling run.


    He is using his downtime to record the Calrissian Chronicles, which we briefly saw in the film.

    18. Weazel (who is part of the Enfys Nest gang) once worked for the Hutt gang on Tatooine.


    In fact, he appeared in Phantom Menace during the pod racing scene. Which makes him the second Episode 1 character to appear in Solo!

    19. Bonus: Maul is in Solo because he actually survived being cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Phantom Menace.


    In fact, much of his post-Episode 1 story arc (explored in the TV series Clone Wars and Rebels, as well as books and comics) revolves around not only his quest for revenge, but also him starting up a criminal organization. Also, he now goes by just Maul since he is no longer a Sith.

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