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Here's A Post For Anyone Who Wishes They Could Say "Goodbye" To Their Period

Clenching my vagina just thinking about it.

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1. Dear period, why do you have to give me cramps that make me feel like I am dying?

2. Seriously, you're absolutely RUTHLESS.

3. And can you just like, chill, when I sneeze?

4. You can't even leave my skin alone, can you?

5. You do this thing, where you like to mess with my emotions...

6. ...and I HATE that because I am not ~normally~ like that!

7. I would also like it if you didn't go exploring up my butt crack.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

8. Or make it look like a crime scene in my bathtub/shower when I bathe.

9. OMG, and how about when you're like .0005 seconds late and you send me into a panic?!

10. It's, honestly, kinda rude how you make me not want to do anything or see anyone...even my best friends.

11. Here's an idea, period, why don't you replace yourself with something nice instead?

12. Because when you decide to stain my things, it makes me annoyed AF.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

13. Also, please stop making me want to inhale all the food in sight.

14. Seriously.

15. And can you maybe ease up on the "pain" thing at least once or twice while you're around?

16. Because, let's be real, I KNOW you're going to be in my life much longer than I want.

17. Sincerely, A Person Who Hates You.

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