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    Daniel Day-Lewis Uses Flip Phone, Sends The World (Myself Included) Into A Frenzy

    "He’s clearly in full-on method mode for his top secret movie on the founding of myspace dot com."

    Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis — some would call him the greatest actor of our generation (maybe even ever?).

    And, most recently, he WOW-ed the internet by mystically appearing in the NYC subway using a flip phone. YES, A FLIP PHONE.

    for everyone who asked for pictorial evidence

    He was spotted by writer Karen Han, who initially tweeted, "Daniel Day-Lewis is on my train and casually just looking at his flip phone." And then FOR PROOF shared the above image with us plebs.

    But, that's not even the best part (although, LOL, I love it) — the best part is actually everyone else's hilarious reaction to it.

    Like this two-part realization:

    And this believable ~explanation~:

    This one, too:

    The photo has even spawned life-altering changes:

    Some people were straight-up turned on:

    Others made very valid observations:

    And they also asked some fair questions:

    A few had questions about other parts of the photo:

    Right, tho?!

    Then things started to go off the rails a bit (but, like, in a good way):

    And some people joked about his character in Phantom Thread:

    As well as, of course, Lincoln:

    The bottom line is Daniel Day-Lewis is tall, rides the NYC subway, uses a flip phone in 2018, and is just an all-around blessing to us all.

    (And just in case you had any doubts...)

    @karenyhan Holy crap, it's him. Look at the ring.