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    Daemon Targaryen Continues To Be The Best Part Of "House Of The Dragon," And Everyone And Their Mom Is Obsessed

    Just another week where Daemon Targaryen proved to be the most unhinged (and most loved) character on the show.

    Well, well, well...another week on House of the Dragon, and another week where Daemon Targaryen proved to be the most unhinged (and most loved) character on the show.

    Daemon looking menacing

    For a brief refresher, this week's episode, "The Lord of the Tides," brought a lot of emotion and bloodshed (ALWAYS, right?!) to King's Landing.

    Viserys sitting on the thrown with a half mask made of gold

    With Corlys Velaryon MIA for six years, the Driftwood Throne succession has come into question. Corlys's younger brother, Vaemond, feels it's his right to take over as ruler of Driftmark instead of Laenor's heir, Lucerys. His main reason? He believes Lucerys is not Laenor's legitimate son. (I meannnn, he's not WRONG, but what fun is there in the truth on this show, right?!)

    Vaemond saying I am the Sea Snake's own blood

    Obviously, Vaemond's petition doesn't sit well with Rhaenyra. So, she and Daemon travel with their children to King's Landing to ask her dying father, Viserys, to back her (and her son's) claim.

    Rhaenyra and Daemon standing at Viserys' bedside

    After Viserys makes a dramatic (and emotional) entrance into the throne room, he attempts to shut down Vaemond's petition. However, Vaemond refuses to go down quietly and causes QUITE the scene by calling Lucerys a "bastard" and Rhaenyra a "whore."

    Vaemond shouting

    This treasonous accusation is enough to make the near-death Viserys stand and reach for his dagger to "have" Vaemond's tongue, but that's when Daemon does THE MOST Daemon thing possible and suddenly beheads Vaemond. Right there. In front of EVERYONE.

    Daemon about to cut Vaemond's head off, and Daemon looking over Vaemond's body

    Suffice to say this HOLY SHIT moment left fans screaming and even more OBSESSED with Daemon:


    daemon apologists getting ready to defend his crimes tonight #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @kuviraas


    Everyone horrified at Daemon beheading someone Me: #HouseoftheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @wonderlandgabby


    daemon F*CK AROUND AND FIND OUT targaryen

    @spaceprinceben / Via HBO


    Daemon really gave me two moods in less then a few minutes. I stan this man so hard 😭👏 #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @LenaValee


    The young ones' reaction to Daemon decapitating Vaemond. This is the first time they witnessed his level of unhinged shts 😭 #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @gonlyb / Via HBO


    Vaemond Velaryon after Daemon Targaryen said 'Say it' #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @FreeFolkMemes / Via KHU


    Me and Daemon at the same time: #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @BasketKasey / Via Disney


    Daemon when he said 'say it' #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @FreeFolkMemes / Via HBO


    Daemon when anyone talks shit about Rhaenyra #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @Schroyers / Via Disney+


    Daemon whenever someone talks shit about Rhaenyra or her kids. #HouseOfTheDragon #DaemonTargaryen #HOTD

    Twitter: @ashlielovegood / Via The Verzuz


    Daemon after committing murder every episode; #houseofthedragon

    Twitter: @_docinsane


    Vaemond: Her sons are bastards and she is a whore Daemon: #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HOTD   #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @superking1815 / Via Netflix


    Daemon during Vaemond’s blessing after slicing half his head off for disrespecting his wife and nephews #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @jezchlmt / Via HBO


    Everyone after Daemon sliced off Vaemond’s head for talking shit about his wife #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @DmenGore

    TBH, besides this violent moment, fans were living for basically EVERY Daemon moment this entire episode:


    i can't get over daemon standing in front of aemond like "quit the bullshit i invented this game". he's always gonna be the alpha 😩

    Twitter: @fortargaryen / Via HBO


    Daemon was standing against his walmart version like "try me bitch" and I giggled oh THAT moment of the dance will be so delicious to see #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @dragonevenstar / Via HBO


    daemon so happy about his successful little egg scavenger hunt good for him you love to see it

    Twitter: @inkbugfic / Via HBO


    daemon's "i give zero fucks" look is everything 😩 this man has me on my knees 😩 #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @fortargaryen / Via HBO


    Daemon representing us whenever Alicent appears. #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @HayatHa06417343 / Via HBO


    You can say whatever you want about Daemon but shit, he fucking love his brother. He didn’t want to see him this way.

    Twitter: @Reyloryn / Via HBO


    daemon to viserys #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd

    Twitter: @kennythekopyguy / Via Nintendo


    Daemon helping Viserys get to the iron throne

    Twitter: @KingJosiah54 / Via @itsspascal


    currently thinking about how for 6 years rhaenyra and daemon were probably giggling like this and having the purest fun at every dinner back in dragonstone and we didn't got to see any of it..

    Twitter: @fortargaryen / Via HBO


    Daemon getting 3 dragon eggs for his 3 children, on his own. Daemon wanted Viserys to affirm Luke as the heir to Driftmark. Daemon helped his brother and put the crown back on him. Daemon k!lled who dares to call his wife a wh0re. He is THE moment. #HouseOfTheDragon #HOTD

    Twitter: @gonlyb / Via HBO

    And they were most definitely HERE for Matt Smith's continued A+++ performance on the show:


    matt smith is undeniably the one who attracts the most attention in every scene he's in. even if daemon speaks 2 words or just laughs ironically i can only focus on him. i think matt posses a charm that's in a league of his own. this wonderful actor has bewitched me body and soul

    Twitter: @fortargaryen

    What was your reaction to Daemon Targaryen this week? Are you as obsessed with him as everyone else? Tell us in the comments below!