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    Billy's "Stranger Things 2" Audition Tape Is So Creepy Good, You'll Get Shivers Down Your Spine

    Shirtless dancing, that is all. H/T GQ.

    So, this isn't a ~major~ spoiler, but if you haven't watched any of Stranger Things 2 yet, then A) you'll probably want to bookmark this for later and B) WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS POST INSTEAD OF WATCHING ST RIGHT NOW?!


    OK, for the rest of you who've made it this far, I think we can all safely agree that Billy is the creepiest character in Stranger Things 2, yes?


    Or, IDK, maybe you're into the nasty mullet, bully behavior, driving-like-a-fucking-maniac kinda thing?

    Well, be prepared to be creeped out just a little more by Dacre Montgomery's (the talented actor who plays Billy) Stranger Things 2 audition tape:

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    Montgomery starts with a reading from 1986's iconic coming-of-age film Stand By Me...

    Dacre Montgomery / GQ / Via

    ...then he goes into a shirtless '80s music dance number...

    Dacre Montgomery / GQ / Via

    ...and finally, he does a spine-tingling line reading of a scene between Billy and Max in Stranger Things 2.

    Dacre Montgomery / GQ / Via

    Montgomery explained to GQ that he "kinda went crazy" putting his audition tape together:

    I got up, kinda went crazy, shaved all my hair off around my face except for my mustache. Then I made everything else happen — the dancing and the rest, going out in the G-string and just playing around with it, and putting it together on iMovie and doing all that sort of stuff.

    And, clearly, it was MORE than enough to win over the Duffer Brothers.


    The only question left now is, where did that fabulously disgusting MULLET WIG come from?

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