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    17 Creepy "One In A Million" Images That Will Probably Leave You Feeling Unsettled

    Nothing quite like spiders, clowns, and strange cloud formations to keep you warm at night.

    1. Like this bizarre doomsday cloud formation that someone saw in the skies of Bursa:

    A cloud shaped like an eye at sunset

    2. Or these strange, inexplicable lights that showed up in the sky over Jeju, South Korea:

    A bunch of short vertical lights in the sky above some apartment buildings

    3. This worrying sign someone found in the woods that depicts a person jumping over a bunch of hands:

    A warning street sign of a stick person jumping over hands at the entrance of a wooded area

    4. This peek-a-boo giant clown balloon I would rather not see out my own window:

    A large clown face balloon wedged between two high rise buildings

    5. Or this super creepy (and very large?!) mannequin that looks like its waving from an abandoned barn:

    An old barn with the door open and a large mannequin taller than the door peering out with its hand up

    6. This person's vein that turns at a 90 degree angle (how and why is this happening?!):

    A man's arm with a circle around part of his arm vein that is at a 90 degree angle

    7. This creepy face left on a couch after someone's five-year-old child was crying on it:

    Wet marks on the back of a sofa that form a face with eyes, nose, and mouth

    8. This footprint someone found on their bed after they came home from work (that was not from themselves):

    A blanket on a bed with the light outline of a foot

    9. This scary spider that looks like it has a human skull face:

    A white spider with long legs and a long abdomen that has bumps that look like a face

    10. The inside of this cabbage that looks like a long, creepy hallway to nowhere:

    A red cabbage cut in half with the middle stalk looking like a long hallway floor

    11. This creepy little Christmas tree in the middle of the woods that's fully decorated and powered for some reason:

    A small christmas tree with lights on it in the middle of a forrest

    12. This nightmarish "Lego" face someone found while sorting out a box of toys:

    A lego person head that has a large grin and wide eyes

    13. This creepy rabbit face that someone found in their coffee:

    A cup of coffee with the bubbles swirled that look like a rabbit with long ears and large uneven eyes

    14. This creepy baby face in the middle of this tree trunk:

    A tree trunk where in the middle the pattern looks like a baby doll's head smiling

    15. This, uh, "Pikachu" costume that probably left these kids with nightmares:

    A costume of pikachu where the face looks completely wrong and scary

    16. This lamp, yes...A LAMP...someone made out of their X-Rays

    A lamp shade made with x ray prints stitched together

    17. And finally, whatever the heck is going on in this image:

    Thomas the Tank Engine driving up behind someone's car, as seen from the side view mirror