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Pretend You're Going To A Super Fancy Party And We'll Tell You Which Glam "Crazy Rich Asians" Lady You Are

Welcome to fantasy land.

You've been invited invited to THE biggest and fanciest party of the year. You'll be rubbing elbows with the bold, the beautiful, and the CRAZY rich. But before you DO, you need to check into your hotel and get REAAAADYYYY...

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  1. First thing's first, choose a luxurious guest room to get ready in.

  2. Your stylist called and wants to know which outfit you want to wear to the party. PICK ONE!

  3. And which accessory do you want to wear with it?



  4. Getting dressed really makes you hungry!
    Order something from room service.

  5. Time to put your face on. Which beauty brand do you want your makeup artist to use?

  6. It's time to head out. How will you get to the PAR-TAY?

  7. And finally, WHO are you meeting as your DATE for the big night?


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